Jenelle Evans-Gary Head Engagement: Back On!

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and fiance Gary Head were involved in a bitter argument that ended their engagement just days ago, but it's back on now!

E! News has confirmed that after patching things up, Jenelle and Gary are indeed back together, still engaged, and even close to setting a wedding date.

Ah, young, partially insane love. Says a source:

"The engagement is back on. It wasn't ever really off. Gary admitted he was wrong and felt really bad for kicking in her door. He went over and fixed it this weekend."

Who said chivalry is dead?!

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Photo

So now that they're back on again, what about a wedding date? "Gary and Jenelle are aiming for a December wedding," says the close Head source.

"Gary has some relatives in Afghanistan and the couple wants to wait until they get back so that everybody can be at the wedding."

Making it all the more official again, on Saturday, Gary tweeted a photo to prove to his loyal followers that the two are indeed back together tweeting:

"Am I with @PBandJenelley_1? Idk. You tell me!"

Well played, Gary Head. Well played. We'll tell you that you are in fact back with @PBandJenelley_1 ... and we'll be stunned if you still are by December.


I agree with stanley.


Guess not having a kids allows her to be able to keep a man around.wonder if she'll give this one up too.


I guess that boob job got her a new man now.It won't last long though.


since she doesn't seem to be all there to begin with, why should anyone want any part of that dramatic childs life? I actually just watch her for entertainment purposes only, that seems to be all shes good for. yay for whitetrash!


Wow why does AnYoNE want 2 marry that WhiTe TrAsH TrAiNwReCk Ho-she/it?


Those are some dumb people. If he beat in your door yesterday, chances are he'll beat in your head tomorrow. Don't be with a violent man. He won't change.

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