Jenelle Evans, Gary Head Call Off Engagement

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Jenelle Evans' engagement to Gary Head did not last long.

Not that we really expected it to, but it was just two weeks ago that the Teen Mom 2 star was seventh heaven after accepting a marriage proposal from Head.

Now the MTV train wreck has called off the engagement and is involved in a bitter dispute with her (former) man over a Tiffany necklace. And Tweeting:

"Thanks to @gary_head  for stealing my $300 Tiffany necklace... What marine does that?!" She implied that the military man took it back to his base.

Jenelle Evans' Ring
Jenelle Evans' Engagement Ring

Also: "Thanks @gary_head  for breaking my door, when r u going to fix it ?!"

Seriously Gary Head. Breaking doors? Not cool.

When one of her followers asked if Gary could take back the engagement ring, Jenelle Evans responded that it's her property "unless he takes me to civil court."

Girl is well-versed in small-time legal disputes, for sure. For his part, Gary tweeted that yesterday was probably his "worst day ever" after the altercation.

"Her necklace is at her house hidden until I get my ring back," he said.

As of yesterday afternoon, Jenelle still had her engagement ring, so perhaps there's hope for the couple ... to get back together and then split again.

Just be glad she's not pregnant again. Probably.


I love you Jenelle you are so nice. how old is jase


Little girl you dont need any kids your mom should keep that cute little boy far far away from you!!!! Maybe you and Amber could go get lost in some crack house forever!!!!! If yall loved thoese kids you would never see them and give them a chance of having some kind of a normal life!!!!! But you only care about your own stupid WANTS!!!!!!!


Shocker, lovely couple...BAHAHAHAHA!


I'm surprised that no one has brought up that she flaunted her $300 Tiffany necklace. It's pretty awful that she's spending $300 on a necklace which she now doesn't have, and spending $0 on her son, which she also doesn't have. Buying a (now stolen) Necklace > Supporting your Child?


She needs to grow up before trying to get into a relationship. I remember when I was 20, and if I'd married the guy I was with then, I'd be dead. Don't jump in and marry anyone at 20. You need to grow up and worry about you and your son first. Then worry about finding a man.


What a white trash crack HO

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