Jenelle Evans and Gary Head to Adopt ...

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Jenelle Evans and Gary Head have officially adopted ... a pit bull puppy.

PHEW, right? Trust us, we know. When you hear that Jenelle Evans and Gary Head adopt, you're thinking human, since she's famous from Teen Mom 2 and these people show absolutely no signs of common sense or good judgment.

Fortunately, in this case it's just a dog ... who her mom will probably be taking care of along with Jenelle's son in nine months or so.

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Jenelle was tweeting about her excitement all day over the puppy (named Brody), but what will happen when Jenelle and Gary break up?

Yes ... we said if, not when. Are we wrong?

They've already done so twice in as many months, so you know it's just a matter of time. Jenelle makes Amber Portwood look stable.

Anyway, you two, congrats on the puppy.

In other Teen Mom adoption news, Catelynn Lowell is pregnant, but unlike her first child, Carly, she and Tyler Baltierra are keeping this one!

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Poor dog! Apparently these people live in Fantasy Land and have no idea how taxing and how big a responsibility a puppy can be. You'd think having a kid would have taught them a measure of that but some people simply aren't educatable.


I hate when people say "just a dog"...


Landrews, her son is called Jase, not Chas


Typo! U wrote "we said if, not when..." I think you ment to say "we said when, not if". I'm going to be that annoying person that points it out :0/


How the hell are u gunna replace your child (whom u lost cus ure obviously stupid) with a dog??? An animal is just as much a responsibility as a child....get ur son back first dumbass!!!


I knew it was not a child there is not a judge in the world that would give Janelle a baby. I feel so sorry for Chas, you can tell he really loves his mommy to bad she does not have the same bond with him. It's funny how she can be so disrespectful to her mom, yeah Barbara might yell but after watching Janelle I'd be yelling to, she's a real winner. And to say her mom didn't let her mother Chas is such crap, he'd be dead if it wasn't for Barbara feeding him and taking care of him, Janelle was to busy getting high and sleeping to be bothered mothering Chas. Yes Barbara has made some minor mistakes, like who cares what color outfit Chas wears? But for the most part every time she gave Janelle a break she blew it. Like when Barbara ran to the store and came home to Janelle and Keefer getting high on the porch. Talk abot stupid, her mom could have lost Chas and her home. Where is your head Janelle?


White trash HO

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