Jenelle Evans and Gary Head: Arrested For Drug Possession, Domestic Violence?

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Jenelle Evans and fiance Gary Head are both in jail, according to reports.

Us Weekly and Teen Mom Talk sources say Gary was arrested for domestic violence, and Jenelle for drug possession, following a heated argument.

During their spat, Gary "hit Jenelle numerous times."

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans

If charged with assault, Gary Head, a Marine, faces serious jail time, and will most likely be dishonorably discharged from military service as well.

If Jenelle Evans is in fact charged with possession of an illegal substance ... no one would be surprised at this point. It's still unconfirmed if she will be.

In April, she accused Gary Head of abusing her, though she didn't press charges, Tweeting later that she didn't want to "jeopardize his career."

By early May, the pair had reconciled. On May 16, they got engaged after Head popped the question to Evans with a diamond sparkler.

They have since called off the engagement, gotten back together at least once, shot down pregnancy rumors and adopted a puppy.

More details to follow on the alleged arrest as the story develops.

UPDATE, 1:20 p.m.: “Gary beat the sh!t out of Jenelle,” a friend of the MTV star told Radar Online. “He strangled her with a bed sheet.”

“When the cops arrived they asked Jenelle what happened, and if she hit him and she told them, 'F**k yeah I did, I hit him back.’”

Jenelle is said to be “really shook up,” over the terrifying incident.

Both have reportedly been charged with assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and another prescription drug.  


Well obviously both of them aren't law abiding citizens nor are they mature. They're just trashing their lives and making a complete mess of everything. Perhaps jail time will help them see the light. Such a shame that these young people are doing destructive things. Furthermore the shirt he's wearing in the picture shown is inappropriate and a disgrace to the marine corp.


What a surprise! Personally, can't believe a man with a fiance would wear a shirt like that. Can't believe the Marines would let him either. Nephew is a Marine enlisted non-com, and he's been told to dress conservatively at all times because the civilians around the base can tell a Marine from a civilian by their haircuts and the military doesn't want any of their soldiers wearing clothes that could start gossip to slur the people on the base.


isnt this how most strong long lasting relationships start?


This guy is obviously an asshole. Jenelle isn't much better but a MARINE should NEVER hit a woman. NO EXCUSES. Give this SOB some jail time. PERMANENTLY.


Wow, i so shocked, ha.


the think i think about her is shes yung and mistunder stued and people just need to live her a lone


Jenelle needs to do sometime behind bars. that will straighten her ass! She is nothing but TRASH!!!!!!


I was a mom at 16 and never once did I ever act like any of these girls! they should be ashamed of themselves and should straighten up for the sake of their babies that didnt ask to be brought into this world!


Who are these people anyway?


I don't give a shit about this retard. I am however worried about the puppy they "adopted"...

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