Jamie Lynn Spears Sings Live: Watch Now!

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Britney Spears' little sister Jamie Lynn Spears took the stage at an intimate showcase held at 3rd and Lindsley Bar & Grill on Thursday in Nashville.

Yes, Jamie Lynn Spears is singing live, and acoustically.

“I’m so happy to have all of you here, thank you for coming out tonight,” the 21-year-old mother of Maddie Briann Aldridge told the audience.

Jamie performed a new song titled “I Look Up To You” that may have been written with big sis Britney Spears in mind ... at least it  seems that way.

“It all happened way too soon, They took away your innocence,” Jamie sings, in reference to ... who knows. But it's good to see her again, right?

What do you think? Can she sing?


she is good to look at, no doubt, but who can tell if she can sing or not as they have her mike turned down so low and the instruments so high that they are drowning her out just like they did with the presley girl. i certainly wouldn't go to see her or buy a record with the situation like that.


Gosh! Jamie is so gorgeous!!!! i miss watching her on Zoey101 it was my favorite show ever! You are a great singer! keep it up! maybe you can release an album?? (:


i think jamie lynn sings very good she got a beauful voice and i think she should keep singing keep your head up high and and keep singing your heart out cause your a spear just keep your heart open and let the world now how you sing from your sister


I think Jamie Lynn looks and sounds great! You go, girl!


seen brit live was awful.cant dance she was offbeat her videos and autotone recordings make her look better than she is.was so disappointed brit has no talent at all.overrated

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