Jada Pinkett Smith: Nude For Human Trafficking Awareness

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Jada Pinkett Smith is speaking out against the horror of human trafficking, a noble cause brought to her attention by none other than her daughter, Willow.

Jada started the organization Don't Sell Bodies after Willow Smith, 11, approached her after watching Kony 2012 and being blown away by its story.

Pinkett Smith thus teamed up with actress Salma Hayek to get the attention of the masses. Hayek directed the video below, in which Jada bares all:

No question Jada Pinkett Smith nude will get people to pay attention to anything. Might as well use it for an important cause. Kudos to her.

Men in Black 3 star Will has been super supportive, she says:

"He's amazing because he wants to lend support in every way. In order to combat this, we need our men. We need our soldiers. Let me tell you, I love girl power, but ain't nothin' like having some muscle behind you! Will's got some big ones!"

Motivating and inspiring, to say the least. Follow the jump for a recent interview Jada did with CNN about the Don't Sell Bodies campaign ...


made my point(s) for me.
Your bitterness & judgements are sad.
So unnecessary.


Your correct jada is no jenny.Jada has real breast,real cheeks,real wrinkles and a brain.


True,browsing the site saint is a bitter,negative,clearly whiteman whos wife doesnt take care of at home.


at least its for a good cause!


I'm very happy. Been married almost 20 years, my two kids are very good students, I'm not hurting financially. Keep your day job, you're not a good psychologist.


typo? :)
You have a lot of negatvitiy to say about others-must not be very happy huh?
As for my opinion, I applaud Jada for taking up a worthy cause and could really give a s*** if she takes off her clothes or not.


Jada, please put your clothes back on, you're no Jenny McCarthy.