Jacob Anthonisen, Lindsay Lohan Pal, Implicated in Murder Investigation

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Jacob Anthonisen, an art dealer and friend of Lindsay Lohan and other stars, is currently being sought in a murder investigation, according to Radar Online.

The 37-year-old, who runs with the likes of Emile Hirsch, Mickey Avalon, Taryn Manning and Lady Victoria Hervey, has been named a person of interest.

On June 9, a decomposing body was found in the back of a Cadillac Escalade registered to Jacob Anthonisen in a parking lot in West Hollywood, Calif.

Jacob Anthonisen Mug Shot

The remains were identified on Thursday as Steven John Simmons - Jacob's stepbrother - and the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the chest.

"He has been involved with some very dangerous people in the past, and we are worried that they have something to do with this," a close pal said.

Anthonisen, who owns The Peanut Gallery in L.A., has been missing since May 31. "At this point, everyone is just hoping he is alive and well," a pal said.

"But it's no secret that he served time in prison for drugs, so it's something to consider here. The circumstances lead us to believe drugs played a role."

Anthonisen has something of a troubled past, having served two years in prison from 2003-2005. He was convinced on drug-related charges in Arizona.


Is it just me, or is that a very creepy looking picture? And, you are right, it does seem like they could associate him with others besides LiLo. She at least seems to be trying.


Sorry, the LiLo comment was directed to the website. It seems like they love to run her name through the mud. Is she his only friend? Seems like they could associate him with others besides LiLo.


@ Heather, I didnt mention LiLo at all. My point was yes many sites have reported same stories, but at least you can tell the writers have used own words. Its not hard to `mix it up` As far as LiLo, she has enough problems in her life. At least she has made attempts to get/stay clean unlike some `celebrities`


Most of the articles are @ tarajo. If u click some of the links to other sites in the articles, there they are! And did you have to mention LiLo? She doesnt have enough problems right now without linking her to this?


Hey Free Britney....glad to see your cut/paste buttons work on your computer. Just read this EXACT same article VERBATUM on another site.