It's (NOT) Baby Time for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!!!

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This just in: Kristen Stewart is absolutely, positively, 100% not pregnant.

Nor is she planning to adopt a child with Robert Pattinson.

Nevertheless, according to the latest issue of OK! Weekly, it's baby time, people!!!

The tabloid anonymously quotes no one of relevance and reports that the "new Twilight movie convinced [Robsten] not to wait," which is unexpected... considering Breaking Dawn Part 2 is centered around a half-human/half-vampire child who pretty much incites World War 3.

Robsten Baby Time!

Are you buying anything at all about this cover story? Has Rob actually penned a lullaby for the imaginary kid? Would Kristen be a natural mother?

And will Taylor Lautner be destined to fall in love with the baby?


kristen is a verey good actor. we love the movies she is with in. she one of the best actors in the world. no actually in the universe


Well w.e happen idc dey baby wuld b cute i think bt rob jus need 2 cut off his beard not coo at all KNT WAIT 2 C TWILIGHT BREAKIN dAWN PT 2 LUV TWILIGHT I SAYED U TIL 5 1 TIME WATCHINGGG IT :) LUV JACOB(TAYLOR L)


this is so funny ya any way i think true or not we still at the middle place that i hoping one day they married and made a cute baby sweet oh better i'll wait mr pattinson movie to coming out cosmopolis


im not saying that it's not true but there are many possibilities. Maybe the writers of the article or even robert pattinson and kristen made them publish because they wanted people to think it is a tabloid so they can suprise people or maybe it was just for the fun of it.

Mihika row

So Not True!!!!


No Heather...... The headline should have been...... I swallowed the whole thing!


this is getting out of hand.the only baby time theis two are doing ,is only in the


That's so funny cause that's exactly what I was thinking... I wonder what/who made her smile like that lol!


The headline should have said "Look! Shes smiling!"

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