Is Emily Maynard Engaged?

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As rumors swirl about the ending of The Bachelorette's eighth season, one celebrity gossip magazine boldly proclaims that Emily Maynard is in fact engaged.
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If it's true ... the question is still, to whom?

She obviously won't say, and even The Bachelorette spoilers have been hard to come by this season ... though three guys are clearly frontrunners.

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If Emily is engaged, three guys are probably equal favorites.

The previews airing Monday night more or less revealed the final three, with Jef Holm, Sean Lowe and Arie Luyendyk all shown with Emily in Curacao.

According to the magazine cover above, Em's ready for a baby right away - not news if you've watched this season - and got a 4-carat rock.

Just after midnight on May 11, the man who stole Emily's heart got down on one knee and proposed in :a one-of-a-kind fairy-tale experience."

"The proposal, filmed for the final episode, which airs July 16, took place in the courtyard of the Kura Hulanda resort on the Caribbean island."

"The final bachelor was led through a grand sky-blue gate to where Emily stood ... the proposal took place in the middle of the night, which gave it a more intimate feel."

And now, more than a month later, a friend confirms, "Emily is still happy and engaged. She is ecstatic. She's over the moon and loves her ring. Ricki is really happy, too."

Think she's really engaged? And if so, who should she pick? No offense, Ryan and Doug, but it's got to come down to these three, right?

Vote on who you think Emily should choose below:


who cares


It has to be Sean.


Agreed to most of the above posts. My wife & I were regular Bachelor/Bachelorette viewers; now I could care less....
Emily is hot but has no spark..
No fault with having her 6 yr. old daughter "close"; any single Mom/Dad knows that in spades!!!


Jacasa, I completely agree with not wanting the show to keep "recycling" past contestants. I actually thought Ben and Ashley's seasons were the worst to date. And I don't see any of these men being interesting enough to have their own show. I really don't think any of them are a great catch for Emily. Jef seems like her gay younger brother and I got really freaked out when they kissed. Sean and Ari are not particularly good looking and they are both completely boring. They only seem like good catches because the rest of the guys are losers(Doug) or douchebags(Ryan, Kalon)...I don't have anything negative to say about Chris or Travis(who?!), but they don't seem right for Emily either... Now that the "villain" Kalon is gone, I fear the rest of this season is going to be a total snoozefest.


I hope they stop bringing former "contestants" back on this show. I liked Emily in the past, but now I'm beginning to see why things didn't work out for her and Brad.


Ricky will always be Number One for Emily, with the husband a very distant second, and the minute the man says something negative about Ricky, he's toast. The Bachelorette made a mistake, selecting Emily. Behind the glittering facade, Emily's predictable, manipulative and easily riled. And she likes to play Victim. There is no fun, no humor, no lightness with this woman. I see I am not the only viewer disappointed.


i agree with that. that show this season puts me straight to sleep. i actually go take a shower cook dinner while it is on i miss nothing exciting. im sure the bachelors franchise ratings arent doing too good. we all seem to agree that this season is by far one of the worst seasons ever. i have to admit, i enjoyed ashleys and ben f season way better. this woman is just money hungry and out for fame - has no talent so she wont go very far with that.


Emily is wooden and boring.

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