Is Emily Maynard Engaged?

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As rumors swirl about the ending of The Bachelorette's eighth season, one celebrity gossip magazine boldly proclaims that Emily Maynard is in fact engaged.
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If it's true ... the question is still, to whom?

She obviously won't say, and even The Bachelorette spoilers have been hard to come by this season ... though three guys are clearly frontrunners.

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If Emily is engaged, three guys are probably equal favorites.

The previews airing Monday night more or less revealed the final three, with Jef Holm, Sean Lowe and Arie Luyendyk all shown with Emily in Curacao.

According to the magazine cover above, Em's ready for a baby right away - not news if you've watched this season - and got a 4-carat rock.

Just after midnight on May 11, the man who stole Emily's heart got down on one knee and proposed in :a one-of-a-kind fairy-tale experience."

"The proposal, filmed for the final episode, which airs July 16, took place in the courtyard of the Kura Hulanda resort on the Caribbean island."

"The final bachelor was led through a grand sky-blue gate to where Emily stood ... the proposal took place in the middle of the night, which gave it a more intimate feel."

And now, more than a month later, a friend confirms, "Emily is still happy and engaged. She is ecstatic. She's over the moon and loves her ring. Ricki is really happy, too."

Think she's really engaged? And if so, who should she pick? No offense, Ryan and Doug, but it's got to come down to these three, right?

Vote on who you think Emily should choose below:


ummmm. he didnt pay for the ring. The Bachelor frachise paid for it! i read they also paid her $150k -$250k to do the show - considering my salary as a business woman is over $150k i dont think that is alot of money. you really have to have a "TV Personality" to do this type of show or any show for that matter. Emily while pretty does NOT have a TV persona - shes a bit dull and super boring. Ashley was full of energy and fun - although her laugh was annoying; now compared to emily ashley was perfect. Emily has said numerous times that shes "nervous". Not sure this show (or any TV show) was right for her.


I understand that Emily got a $90K ring for the engagement. Happy I was not on the show. I am happy that she picked a guy that can afford a ring like that. He is better than me, I would not be able to afford it. She would be dissapointed.


I think she should choes Sean. I agree to all of the comments above(:


she disappointed me as well being on this season (adored her on the Bachelor). she seems controlling and demanding and nagging. her sweet side quickly can turn into the devil if her man says or does something wrong, esp if it relates to "her" daughter. No man out there will ever be able to be a "father" to Ricky - emily will not let them. its a difficult situation but because of her controlling and protective nature, i dont think any man will be #1 in her life. sorry but just saying it the way i see it. shes pretty however most men prefer natural woman with less makeup. im sure she looks bette


I only hope whoever she chooses is fertile, because it sure seems like she is looking more for a man to father a brood of children (and be a fantastic stepfather to her sweet daughter) than it seems she is looking for a man to be her husband and lover and friend. Sorry if this seems harsh because she is a very nice woman, and of course beautiful, but it is how she is portrayed in the show and there is probably quite a lot of truth in what is shown because she is so honest (and blunt) about what she's looking for, a guy with boys who can swim fast!


Sorry, I gave the wrong name for Emily's daughter. It's Ricki - Not Niki.


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Emily seems to lecture and scold these guys like they're 6 yrs olds and she's the adult in charge. Whichever guy winds up with her will have to tip toe around her (and her mother) and be careful about what he says and how he behaves, especially anything concerning Niki. They will not have a partnership working together to raise Niki. It will be Emily controlling the environment and the guy for Niki's benefit. I don't see him having much say so. Also, he's going to have to contend with Emily's mother - like mother like daughter. And what is it with this extravagant home and lifestyle she seems to have. Does she work or is she being kept by her mother?


Since she didn't pice Doug who I thought would have been great together, I would choose Sean he is more her type, in lost of ways, I think they have a lot in common and share some of the same things in common. He is also a gentlemen and would make a great dad.


Zzzzzzzzzzzz..."it' s all about ME ME ME" show. Last episode showed a side of her personality that is not flattering at all. That 's not a graceful way of handling the situation. The men this season have no backbone sitting there taking her anger just to get a chance to travel. I have never seen a group of guys with such low self-esteem.

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