I'll Have Another Drops Out of Belmont Stakes, Ends Triple Crown Bid

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Horse racing fans will not have another Triple Crown this year.

I'll Have Another, the winner of The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness and a 4-5 favorite to take home the Belmont Stakes tomorrow and become the sport's first Triple Crown champion since 1977, has dropped out of the latter race due to a leg injury.

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"It's not tragic, but it's a huge disappointment," trainer Doug O'Neill said on The Dan Patrick Show.

He later confirmed at a press conference that I'll Have Another developed tendonitis in its left front leg and is officially retired. The animal will now be put out to stud, make his owner millions of dollars, sire a colt and continue the cycle of animal abuse that comprises professional horse racing.


This is the best thing to do for this Horse. To win the Triple Crown is THE ultimate achievement for a Race Horse. Imagine the level of fitness required. If a Race Horse has an injury that is ignored, and they are raced, disaster follows. The horse will be severely injured, ending their career and possibly facing euthanization. Jockeys can be killed in a pack of horses, when one goes down. Nobody wants to see that. I think that most of America is disappointed. We love our Champions. Horse Racing has a nasty reputation, like Football, Baseball, etc. This is an honorable decision, and sets a fine example. I admire the Team around this Horse. Of course it was motivated by money. A new standard was set. The horse could not win with that injury and that distance. The choice was made to preserve. Not Go for Greed.


I totally agree with you Cry Me A River and Sophia


With all due respect that's a horrible analogy. Athletes CHOOSE to go into sports, aware of the potential costs to their bodies. Horses obviously don't get a say. More importantly, athletes go on to live their lives after their careers are over whereas the horses are killed. Horses weren't put on this earth just for our entertainment.


The owner is doing the ring thing. They could have kept him in the races in hopes of winning the Triple Crown, then injured him and then would have to put him down. We should applaud the owner for that. Whether you like horse racing or not, it's not going away!


Good god people, chill about the animal rights crap. Horses were made to run. Obviously this owner is doing the humane and right thing by retiring him early and forfeiting the chance at the triple crown. I hope neither of you watch sports or support them because it's the human version of horse racing. We stick our boys out there to be hit, tackled and run into the ground so that other humans can make money off them and until the are too injured to play anymore. Then they are thrown to the side line to make something of themselves out of nothing with little to no workable traits.
Humans use. That is the only thing we are good at, which if you want to go all green peacy is why the earth is dying and we are poisoning ourselves.


Amen to that THG! These poor things get so many injurys and have to be down just so people can make money off of them. They should stop it all together. And circuses too! Horrible


THANK YOU THG for actually caring about these poor animals and calling it like it is. Horses are just used as pawns in this joke of a sport. Anyone who doesn't believe it just needs to take 5 minutes to look into it for themselves.

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