Ian Somerhalder to Fans: Chill Out With 50 Shades of Grey Talk!

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Ian Somerhalder has whipped his own fan base into a frenzy by lobbying for the role of Christian in the coming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.
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Having created a monster, he's now seeking to calm the masses.

The Vampire Diaries hunk took to his Twitter to refute reports that he is "desperate" to portray Christian Grey, and to quell critics of his potential casting.

Ian Somerhalder Tweeting

Somerhalder, 33, has been frequently talked about as a possible Christian not only due to his physical appearance, but his sexy, approachable demeanor.

Last week, he seemed to be full-on pushing for the Fifty Shades of Grey part, Tweeting at writer Bret Easton Ellis that he'd love Ellis to write the script for him.

He's taking a step back now, however, saying he's not desperate, probably won't get asked to audition anyway, and urging fans to relax either way.

Other potentially Christian Greys talked about in fan circles include Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Ryan Phillippe and of course Robert Pattinson.

Lucy Hale recently lobbied for Ian ... to star alongside herself.

Your take: Ian in 50 Shades?


I either want Lucy Hale and Ian Somerhalder to be cast as Ana and Christian or Lucy Hale and Matt Bomer. :)


Ian would be perfect. He has the perfect look to play Christian. They need to cast the perfect actor or the movie will ruin the book.


I think Ian Somerhalder would be the absolute perfect Christian Grey!!!


It is so funny because as soon as I started to read the books he is the face that I saw as Christian the entire time. I think he is perfect for the role.


Definitely Ian Somerhalder! This man needs to be distinctive with unique eyes!


See the same thing happened for Stepanie Plum . Sandra Bullock was the perfect person for the role and they went with Katherine Heigel. It was the worst cast movie ever. Hollywood should start listening to the people before they blow this one to


I call Sam Worthington for the part!!

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