Ian Somerhalder to Fans: Chill Out With 50 Shades of Grey Talk!

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Ian Somerhalder has whipped his own fan base into a frenzy by lobbying for the role of Christian in the coming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.
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Having created a monster, he's now seeking to calm the masses.

The Vampire Diaries hunk took to his Twitter to refute reports that he is "desperate" to portray Christian Grey, and to quell critics of his potential casting.

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Somerhalder, 33, has been frequently talked about as a possible Christian not only due to his physical appearance, but his sexy, approachable demeanor.

Last week, he seemed to be full-on pushing for the Fifty Shades of Grey part, Tweeting at writer Bret Easton Ellis that he'd love Ellis to write the script for him.

He's taking a step back now, however, saying he's not desperate, probably won't get asked to audition anyway, and urging fans to relax either way.

Other potentially Christian Greys talked about in fan circles include Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Ryan Phillippe and of course Robert Pattinson.

Lucy Hale recently lobbied for Ian ... to star alongside herself.

Your take: Ian in 50 Shades?

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Robert Pattinson or Chris Hemsworth are the best options fit CTG. RPATZ is the man but people won't like it because of Twilight and lets face it KSTEW is the best option for AS she us wound up like a fire cracker!!!


Gray is 28,so the actor who would play that role.must be younger.ian is better.i dont know how ian do that role,or will audience appreciate him.for ana emma stone or racheal macadams is perfect.


Honestly, as much as I love Ian Somerhalder, I just don't see him in the role. Acting wise I think he'd be great, as honestly the part of Christian isn't all that far off from the part he already plays as Damon (which I think is the only reason people are so insistent that he should get a shot at playing this role). But physically he just doesn't fit to me. Whoever plays Christian has to be someone who has the ability to look both old and young at the same time, like someone who physically looks younger, but it's his demeanor that makes him look older than the 27/28 he is. That's why Anna mentions at points about him finally looking his age/looking younger/looking boyish, and I just think Ian's a bit to old to pull that off. Honestly I think Matt Bomer would be perfect for the role. As for Lucy, I never really thought of that but I definitely think she could make a really good Anna


Good Lord, I am seriously hoping Ian doesn't get the part because I would lose so much respect for him as an actor. Doesn't anyone realize that this movie is just going to be a feature-length porno? I honestly don't understand Hollywood anymore.


this is written Ian all over.....he will be perfect


ian somerhalder started off as a model. he has the look..and yes he may need to bulk up. as for his height, they can fix that too..they are called insoles.


Ian is hot, but I think he needs to buff up for the part and is he tall enough? Not sure if he looks young enough too. Christian is described as a model and it worries me that he might be too short. How about Armie Hammer? He has the perfect body and height. Eyes are grey and he needs to grow out his hair. Also, I think Armie has the look of a young billionaire more so than Ian. Either way they both will need to hit the gym and a take up kick boxing like Christian.


Ian would be great, but I think Jensen Ackles would rock in that role. He is a criminally underrated actor, and I don't say that just as a fangirl. Ackles' acting talent has grown tremendously since his soap opera days. IMHO, he is one of the most talented actors working today but is constantly overlooked because he stars on a genre show on the CW. (Ian's TVD is the one exception). Ackles' Dean Winchester is masterful at the angsty Single Man Tear, but he also has a great sense of humor and can make you laugh out loud a moment later. So I hope that Jensen gets a shot at the role.


You know what ruins the book? THE BOOK. It started its life as Twilight fanfiction; there's no way it's going to make for a good movie. Bret Easton Ellis??? The man wrote American Psycho! There's no way he'd stoop to this. For the survey above, where's secret option 3: "Ian is better than this; please no!"?


oh god please not Robert Pattinson!!!! I will be boycotting this movie if he is Christian!