Ian Somerhalder to Fans: Chill Out With 50 Shades of Grey Talk!

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Ian Somerhalder has whipped his own fan base into a frenzy by lobbying for the role of Christian in the coming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Ian Somerhalder Sunglasses

Having created a monster, he's now seeking to calm the masses.

The Vampire Diaries hunk took to his Twitter to refute reports that he is "desperate" to portray Christian Grey, and to quell critics of his potential casting.

Ian Somerhalder Tweeting

Somerhalder, 33, has been frequently talked about as a possible Christian not only due to his physical appearance, but his sexy, approachable demeanor.

Last week, he seemed to be full-on pushing for the Fifty Shades of Grey part, Tweeting at writer Bret Easton Ellis that he'd love Ellis to write the script for him.

He's taking a step back now, however, saying he's not desperate, probably won't get asked to audition anyway, and urging fans to relax either way.

Other potentially Christian Greys talked about in fan circles include Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Ryan Phillippe and of course Robert Pattinson.

Lucy Hale recently lobbied for Ian ... to star alongside herself.

Your take: Ian in 50 Shades?

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Ian's eyes can make any girl into full submission! He is so perfect for portraying Fifty Shades!


Ian S. is telling his fans to "chill out"..um- wasnt HE the one who went out BEGGING for the role and telling EVERYONE who would listen that he wants in on this?!?!..serously what a hypocrite and manipulative a**! the truth is he realized he DOESNT stand a chance to get this part so now he's trying to save face! pathetic! the only one that needs to "chill" is Ian S.


I can't picture anyone but Ian Somerhalder for this role. He would be perfection. His eyes alone are totally Christian Grey. He's a wonderful actor and this would be incredible for him. I'd love to see him as a leading man on the big screen.


Ian is nice, but he doesn't have the gravitas for 50 Shades. Alexander Skarsgard is the clear choice for that role.


Personally, I think Ian is above it. Sure, he could pull it off, there's no doubt about it. But the book was poor quality in the first place, and what does that say for the film? I just don't think Ian should be a part of it. Also, for those of you who love him because of Damon on TVD, you do realize that Ian doing 50SoG would probably take him out for at least a third of TVD's season? And TVD without Damon...it just wouldn't be right. Damon is the heart of TVD. So if you love Damon, I wouldn't be campaigning for Ian as Christian.


@Melissa, I think so many women, myself included, would like to see Ian Somerhalder get this part for the very reason you object to it. Because he is hot and some pornos are awesome! However, this movie will likely be R rated, not NC-17 unfortunately, so it probably won't be as kinky-sexy as we'd like!


I think Ian would be absolutely perfect for the part as Christian Grey..i also thik Ashley Greene would play the perfect Ana Steele!!!


I am now of the opinion Michael Fassbender should have the role. Fassbender unlike Somerhalder (who I do love but he has never been good in movies except Rules of Attraction and I have recently come of the opinion Ian really does just plays himself) becomes these characters and emobodies them to his core. He also the only actor who imo can take the role of Christian and give award winning performance. He also willing to transform himself to fit the role.
Now I really want to know who directing this because the director is the real key here.


So rubishh.people choice r so sick.why robert and kristen,plz thy r vampires now.thy done 5 movies together.now for me they r boring for this role.no robert kristen.i want some new faces like alex pettifer.chace crwford.ian somerhalder.i think chris(thor)is also better.


I didn't think of Matt Bomer. Yummy, too old but with his hair grown out. Oh yes. The female has me stumped. Sexy without knowing it.....