Ian Somerhalder to Fans: Chill Out With 50 Shades of Grey Talk!

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Ian Somerhalder has whipped his own fan base into a frenzy by lobbying for the role of Christian in the coming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.
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Having created a monster, he's now seeking to calm the masses.

The Vampire Diaries hunk took to his Twitter to refute reports that he is "desperate" to portray Christian Grey, and to quell critics of his potential casting.

Ian Somerhalder Tweeting

Somerhalder, 33, has been frequently talked about as a possible Christian not only due to his physical appearance, but his sexy, approachable demeanor.

Last week, he seemed to be full-on pushing for the Fifty Shades of Grey part, Tweeting at writer Bret Easton Ellis that he'd love Ellis to write the script for him.

He's taking a step back now, however, saying he's not desperate, probably won't get asked to audition anyway, and urging fans to relax either way.

Other potentially Christian Greys talked about in fan circles include Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Ryan Phillippe and of course Robert Pattinson.

Lucy Hale recently lobbied for Ian ... to star alongside herself.

Your take: Ian in 50 Shades?

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I really dont want Ian to play Christian Grey because this will result in everybody crushing over him and this will make me truely angry as i have admired him since the first episode of vampire diaries!


I don't watch vampire diaries but Ian S. totally fits the character of Christian. He has my vote.


got t be ian somerhalder so sexy in vampire diaries got to be first choice will go and see it and buy the dvds


Christian Grey = Ryan Phillipe ... Anastasia Steele = Zooey Deschanel


I think it needs to be Henry Cavill he would play the perfect Christian Grey...................no one else can fit the bill


@MP actually you're wrong Bret Easton Ellis very much wants to do the screenplay for Fifty shades,lol. He said so on twitter and has tweeted about the book and to Ian and about Ian.


@Jenny you don't know what you're talking about. Ian was tweeting that for the hateful losers who are fans of other people and don't want him to get the part and were tweeting him mean hateful things. Some of them are even so ridiculous to say they don't want a "vampire" playing the part. I'm sure even E.L. James herself would tell them toshut up and get over themselves since the books started as Twilight fanfic and she's an admitted twihard. Someone should tell these crazy women an actor can play various roles and be good at all of them. I hope Ian gets the part. He's the only one I can imagine and the one I saw too when I was reading the book and I'm not even a fanatical fan of his but the description and persona and attitude screamed Ian so yeah,hoping it ends up being him. I can't even think of a sexier actor with sexier face and eyes than him.


Jenny, that's not true. Ian hasn't been begging for anything. When asked in interviews lately, he's said he's reading the books and he'd of course love the opportunity to play this role. What's wrong with putting out there that he would like to play this role? And he wasn't telling his fans to chill. He was addressing some very uncalled for comments.


Ian should definitely get the role for Christian Grey... He is really great in showing a dark side and I think that's really important for whoever will finally play christian. The second thing is, Anastacia says or thinks a lot about christians gaze. So the actor who will play him should be able to have this kind of a gaze... you know, the kind of where everyone is going to be like: "Wooow" and I think Ian definitely got this aptitude! For all of you who are watching The Vampire Diaries.. when Damon (ian) compels someone, he gets this amazing gaze where you think to yourself, if he'd look at me this way, Id definitely do everything, and I think that's what makes him the perfect one for christian!
as jurippe already said :"Ian's eyes can make any girl into full submission! He is so perfect to portray Christian Grey. XD" xoxo


Ian's eyes can make any girl into full submission! He is so perfect to portray Christian Grey. XD