Ian Somerhalder to Fans: Chill Out With 50 Shades of Grey Talk!

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Ian Somerhalder has whipped his own fan base into a frenzy by lobbying for the role of Christian in the coming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Ian Somerhalder Sunglasses
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    Ugh no no no, he is to short to play Christian grey, not an attractive quality in a man.Matt Boomer would make the ideal Christian grey.Ian strikes me as immature and smug, Matt is way better looking and much more mature.


    if ian somerhaulder is gonna be a jerk because his fans want him for the part of Christian, then maybe he should just drop out of the running. I hate that he acts like he don't like it that they are trying to make what we want to happen a reality. But is sounds like he is being a jerk when instead of embracing the fact his fans who would love to see more of him he is telling them to "chill out". Thanks Ian you really know how to make your fans feel like you appreciate them.


    I agree with Amy ! If Ian isn't in 50 shades I'm not watching it.
    His acting is amazing ! and his looks make you think very naughty stuff.


    ian all the way he`s perfect mr.grey


    Ian somerhalder is PERFECT for the role of Christian. To all you haters- get lost! have you seen the guy act. from head to toe he is allllll christian.. the way he smirks.. wowww! i cannot even pick up another book after reading fifty shades. If Ian is not cast as christian, i am not going to watch it cuz ive imagined ian as christian. no one else will do! and he is NOTTTTTT desperate for the role but just sharing his desire to be part of the film!

    @ amy

    I agree that he would be perfect but im insulted that he is asking fans to "chill out" instead of embracing how much they want this.

    @ amy

    AGREED ! Ian has the perfect charm and Damons sarcastic humour ,those cheekbones the perfect cold grey eyes lol im on chapter 3 of fifty shades and whenever christian speaks I see Damon !!!!!! IM NOT GOING TO WATCH IT EITHERIF IAN ISNT CHRISTIAN LOL X


    Hmm Ian would make a HOT Christian Grey but I worry he worry he wouldn't be able to capture the old fashioned mannerisms of the character. Ryan Phillipe, the way he played his role in Cruel Intentions, would be perfect! Shame there's no way to combine the two :(


    Jennie, he isn't desperate. He's just expressed interest in the role and isn't afraid of doing so. Unlike other actors who seem embarrassed to even be asked about Fifty Shades. If I were casting this movie I'd want to cast an actor who has show he has passion for playing the role. That's what good actors bring to their characters.Passion describes Ian perfectly. He is the one to bring Christian Grey to the big screen. Fifty Shades fans all over the world want him in this role. I've seen fans from Spain, Australia, Great Britian etc. who think Ian is the face of Christian.


    Ok Ian you are totally what fifty shades needs!! You have the style, the presence the natural ways of being him! Especially the raising eyebrow and circling of mouth YOU WOULD BE PERFECT and I completely agree with the previous comments if you are not in the movie I won't be watching!! SO E. L. James DO THE RIGHT THING AND CAST HIM YOU WILL BE LOSING A HUGE AMOUNT OF FANS AND MONEY IF IAN ISN'T USED!! Loooove you Ian!!


    yeah....he seems pretty desperate even tho he said he's not...
    it's pretty obvious he wants this role badly and honestly I DON'T SEE HIM!!!!!!
    people and him are crazy to think he can pull off being Mr. Grey. I don't think I can watch him on the screen


    Ian...........you Don't seem desparate. YOU ARE Christian Gey to anyone who has seen you/heard you/watched you.

    This role would make you a HUGH Star. Your AGENT should be pounding down doors for you.

    Hope YOU win the role. I don't think I'd go and see the movie if YOU were not cast.

    Now that I've seen YOU......no one else would work in the part of Christian for this movie goer.

    All the Best........knock em dead.

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