Ian Somerhalder, President Obama Talk Public Policy

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Just a typical day in the life of Ian Somerhalder.

U.S. President Barack Obama held a breakfast Thursday with 25 young Hollywood guests, including the Vampire Diaries star, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The meeting was part of Obama's "Young America Effort" in his 2012 reelection campaign, during which he urged the young stars to get involved.

Somerhalder Tweeted afterward:

Ian Somerhalder and Barack Obama

"Totally surreal morning. Met up with some friends, had coffee with President Obama now tweeting. The 21st century... Let's do this."

He added, "Just spent my morning with this man talking about green energy, a better America and being a young American ... wow."

The caption, "Me and President Obama if it was 1962."

Pretty funny, and cool. Others in attendance: Jeremy Renner, Zachary Quinto, Jessica Alba, Dianna Agron, Sophia Bush, Jared Leto and more.

Hollywood Stars Meet President Obama

Alba shared a group shot of the 25 stars and tweeted, "Got up bright and early to hear Barack Obama speak with an awesome group."

"Maybe the only man I truly get nervous around," Glee cast member Agron, 26, tweeted. "Well worth the early wake up call."

We would say so, though Rush Limbaugh, who called Obama Barack Kardashian this week, will probably have a field day with this.


Cool,love Obama his mind and heart are good.He really relates to us.He was poor as a kid so he gets it not being born into money.


Yes, Auntie, you're right! Life has changed and not for the better! Blue Ribbon coconut pie, eh? Hmmm....I thought so. You could probably win the big ribbon at the K-State Fair maybe!


As a matter of fact I can make a " Blue Ribbon" Coconut Pie. I'm 83 & I come from an era of responsibly. In my day it was an embarrassment to live off Government assistance. In my day if you were on TV with your legs apart you weren't a Celebrity you were a whore. In my day if you saw a entertainer holds his privates you didn't applaud him you stayed away cause he must have crabs. This is progressive? Looks like a mess to me.


@Aunt Catherine It's refreshing to read the the words of a true sage that has lived some and learned valuable lessons along the way. Yes, all that you say about Obama is true. American voters in '08 were angry, disillusioned...and asleep at the wheel! Let's hope they arm themselves well with the facts and realities regarding this failed Administration before walking into that voting booth in early Nov. because we cannot afford this man another 4 yrs. Btw, bet you make a mean coconut cream pie!


In time- youth of each Generation comes to term with facts! The world did not start the day we were born. History- it does repeat itself. There is no substitute for experience. In order to be a good Leader you must know how to listen. Ideological people can be very dangerous in public office. They can talk for 20 minutes and not say a damn thing. Just like Obama - after 4 years he still cannot tell us what he intends to do with this Country. He spent the 1st 2 years borrowing money and the last 2 blaming the ones who will not continue to let him have more. He spends his time " Fundraising with Celeb's in which the common man has nothing in common with. He has yet to GOVERN ANYTHING in his life and it shows. He has alienated citizens with his own private agenda. "HE" is what we get when we are so complacent that we find ourselves not paying attention as to who is outlining our Future.


That is just what we need, the political input of stars on the future of America. What do they know from first hand experience. They can leave with the money they have, once he's flushed the rest of us. Don't like the religious Guy but we can't afford another 4yrs of this.


(Don't let style override substance just because this administration will photo-op you.) Read more celebrity gossip at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip....

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