Ian Somerhalder Continues Push For Fifty Shades of Grey Role

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Ian Somerhalder is not only interested in the role of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey, he's progressed to lobbying for it ... and recruiting writers.

The Vampire Diaries star, 33, has made it clear that he's more than game to turn the controversial novel into an even more controversial movie.

Now he's waging a Twitter campaign of sorts, beginning with reaching out to Bret Easton Ellis, a screenwriter who apparently wants in on the film as well.

"Id so love to be Christian Grey w/you & Angelina Jolie. Ive only waited 10 years to do a movie w/u. Im grown up now-no worries," Ian wrote.

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ellis (American Psycho, The Rules of Attraction) has also been angling to bring the S&M saga of Mr. Grey and Anastasia Steele to the big screen.

He wrote to Ian: "I'm glad you're as excited by the prospect of Fifty Shades of Grey as I am. (though I've heard that Angelina is not involved...)"

Yes, despite rumors that Angelina Jolie will direct, that's not happening.

Still, Bret and Ian? A formidable pair no doubt. Ellis previously named Alex Pettyfer as his Mr. Grey of choice, but says he might reconsider:

"Rereading Fifty Shades of Grey: it's hard for me to think of Ian Somerhalder as Christian G. because I've known him personally for so long."

"I know Ian Somerhalder and how kinky he can be and yes, he's probably Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, and he will go all-out for it."

"I'll call Ian tomorrow for Fifty Shades of Grey ...I get it, I get it."

We're glad you get it Bret … now do it.

Your take: Ian in 50 Shades?


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He is perfect as a Vampire but not for Christian Grey...
It's the same like I say Robert Pattison shoud play him... DEFENTLY NOT!!
He shoud be stay in Vampire Diary and Matt Bommer for Christian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I definitely think IAN is the perfect guy!... I've always loved him since vampire diaries... While reading the books, he popped up as christian Grey! U won't be sorry if u cast him as grey! He is truly an perfect option!


I didnt even know who Ian Somerhalder was until after reading the Shades books. I saw him online later as a possible cast for Christian for the movie. He is EXACTLY who I pictured when reading the books. The same grey, smoldering, sexy look I envisioned. I dont think I will even consider seeing the movie if Ian isnt in it!!


think Ian would be perfect xxx


I think Ian would be perfect xxx


I will be devastated if they don't pick Ian to play Mr Grey. He is a excellent actor and suit the roll perfectly. And he's freaking YUMMY!!!!!!!


ERIC WINTER.... period!


ian is the best actor and yes..he`s the perfect mr.grey he`s the one who i imagend while reading it.


That is all.


I have set my mind to Ian Somerhalder playing Christian Grey. I can't imagine anyone else for this role. Probly won't go see it if its anyone else becuz he is who i picture when i read the books. The movie would be ruined for me with anyone else.