Hoda Kotb to Replace Ann Curry on Today?

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Ann Curry is nearly out.

Might Hoda Kotb be in?

With The Today Show on the verge of an anchor change, and with Meredith Vieira having turned down an offer to return, insiders tell Radar Online that Kotb may be getting the replacement call.

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“Hoda scores off the charts in focus groups, and the audience can relate to her,” says the source of The Today Show's fourth hour co-host.

The long-running program is desperate to hold off Good Morning America, which has overtaken it in the ratings this spring. But would Kathie Lee's wine-drinking cohort really be the answer? Vote now:

Do you want to see Hoda Kotb replace Ann Curry?

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Ann Curry is a delight..It is just that George S. on the other show is so much better than Matt Lauer and this is what caused the drop in ratings..not poor Ann..Also Robin, Josh and Laura all complement each other..They should replace Matt Lauer with Bryan Gumbel again and watch the ratings soar.


Ann Curry has talent for reporting news, but NOT the charisma required for the co-host role. I'm sure she has a big heart, but she always seems to be "over-acting" with sympathy, and the low whisper of pity, it's just too much! Her attempt to relate does not ring true. I have stopped watching Today, too painful and distracting to see her struggle. And PLEASE, don't replace her with Savanna Gunthrie... she has a lisp and looks like a chipmunk. Someone with a little age, personality, and personality!! Hopefully NBC finds a good home for Ann.


Please! Kotb is uglier than Whoopie Goldberg and dumber than Meghan McCain.


If Hoda does go to the main part of Today they will hve to ditch the "4th hour" segment...there is no one else that they could put with Kathy Lee that would fit like Hoda does. As far as Ann Curry goes I think she is a top-notch journalist, but they just want to do fluff like where in the world is MattLauer....be fine with me if he got lost on one of those trips.


I feel bad for Ann but it doesn't matter who replaces her because I quit watching the moment that NBC announced that Sarah Palin was scheduled to be a guest host. That move was so idiotic that it is hard to even fathom what the suits at NBC could possibly been thinking. What's next? Bristol as a contributing reporter?!


Still can't believe that You are getting rid of Ann Curry, she is great, and why would you give Matt all that power, he is rude to many of the guests.. Is Al Roker exciting, NO, is Willard useless now, I really don't care about how old people are, We all get old and don't need our poor wrinkly mugs on TV.. Its amazing how long some of us are going to live, but really - Smucker's.. Get real.. Willard is forgetting his lines.. You guys are making a huge mistake.. Hoda is great, the person who says she is scary is most like more scary looking than she is.. Kathie Lee needs to go, I always turn to Nate Berkus and or Bethany.. Poor decision on Ann's Firing, you deserve to pay her all that money she is going to sue you for..


I like the woman alot and think she will be good. An asset....
Good Luck Hoda!!


I love Ann, she has the biggest heart, right next to Al. Love Hoda but she needs to stay with Kathie Lee, they balance each other perfectly. Maybe they should have looked at Matt's popular vote before renewing his expensive contract. Stop harassing Ann, just think how she must feel.


You would think that they could at least get someone that's more attractive. Sorry Gail, but Hoda does not possess even average looks. She's sort of scary looking. I really don't want to have to look at her in the morning. Thank God for Good Morning America!


Ann Curry is most credible journalist on the Today Show!!!! I stopped watching becasue they give creepy Kate Gosslin a platform.

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