Hoda Kotb to Replace Ann Curry on Today?

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Ann Curry is nearly out.

Might Hoda Kotb be in?

With The Today Show on the verge of an anchor change, and with Meredith Vieira having turned down an offer to return, insiders tell Radar Online that Kotb may be getting the replacement call.

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“Hoda scores off the charts in focus groups, and the audience can relate to her,” says the source of The Today Show's fourth hour co-host.

The long-running program is desperate to hold off Good Morning America, which has overtaken it in the ratings this spring. But would Kathie Lee's wine-drinking cohort really be the answer? Vote now:

Do you want to see Hoda Kotb replace Ann Curry?

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As far as I'm concerned, Matt Lauer played a dirty part in getting Ann Curry fired from Today. Matt...who is nothing but a repulsive rattlesnake!!!!! And, I don't blame Meredith Vieira for not wanting to come back to Today. And I agree with Deb...it's time for Matt to go!!!!!


Willie Geist as a replacement for.....Matt. Koda is fine and don't be unkind if her looks don't suit you. She is attractive but not bimbo attractive. This is a news show. Frankly I am a GMA fan because I prefer their talent. Not a huge Matt or Al fan for this ki.d of show. And for the person who commented on a trai.ed monkey, didn't they have a trained monkey on back in the 50's with Dave Garraway.


Without Ann I wont be watching.


I love Ann Curry and think Matt is too full of himself. I think Ann is better at telling the news (like in her previous rule on show) but think she is a kind, intelligent, poised and a great rule model and an accent to NBC. She is probably one of the people on respect most on television. I think Hoda and Kathy Lee have chemistry on their show and watching their show always puts a smile on my face. Shame on some of you calling her ugly on think she is absolutely gorgeous and has an incredible personality. I guess I would really miss Hoda if she were to be move with Matt. I am kinda thinking it is time for Matt to go and put in some new younger energy to replace him and hang on to Ann curry!!!!!


Why do they serve better "drinks" there? She is aging and should consider some botox or something more appealing not like a hag!!


Anny Curry has been part of the Today Show family for quite sometime. I've never had a problem with her so I don't think it's her fault ratings dropped & GMA started rising to the top. FYI Today just won an award at the daytime emmys for best morning show so apparently they're still doing pretty good. No matter who replaces her I'm sure they'll be great. As for all the insults, no need for that. I happen to be a fan of both GMA & Today, so what if you don't agree with how they interact with who they're interviewing as long as they're not being flat out rude with the questions they ask guests.


How about Hoda replace Matt and leave Ann where she is.
I think Ann Curry was doing a fine job. I can't believe what they are doing to her. I hope she finds another job where her bosses really appreciate her talent.


I stopped watching Today once Merideth left... She was the only one I could enjoy watching. Matt Lauer is a popmus ass, Ann Cury is an idiot who always patronizes everyone she interviews with mock "caring attitude"... Al Rocker is a bafoon and don't even get me started on Kathie Lee and Hoda... OMG...


I stopped watching NBC years ago and don't regret it one bit. Lauer is an ass.


anne curry was too intelligent for matt lauer and she wasn't silly enough like katie and meredith. i don't care who replaces her. JUST PLEASE PLEEEESSSEEE DON'T LET IT BE KATHIE LEE !! thank you.

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