Hoda Kotb to Replace Ann Curry on Today?

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Ann Curry is nearly out.

Might Hoda Kotb be in?

With The Today Show on the verge of an anchor change, and with Meredith Vieira having turned down an offer to return, insiders tell Radar Online that Kotb may be getting the replacement call.

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“Hoda scores off the charts in focus groups, and the audience can relate to her,” says the source of The Today Show's fourth hour co-host.

The long-running program is desperate to hold off Good Morning America, which has overtaken it in the ratings this spring. But would Kathie Lee's wine-drinking cohort really be the answer? Vote now:

Do you want to see Hoda Kotb replace Ann Curry?

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verynice ledy nice pic


Love Hoda.....she is a winner. Funny, serious, smart, refreshing. Hoda has it all. NBC must know how good she is or they are blind.


I have not watched the Today show since they kicked Jane Pauley out and replaced her with Deborah Norville. I still won't watch Deborah Norville in anything, for the same reason.


Please not Hoda!!!!! she has the personality of a door nob. Leave the space open for a while.
A viewer from the 70,s.


Ann Curry has to go. She is terrible on TODAY.When I first learned that Ann was leaving I wanted Savannah Guthrie to take her place ,but then they have said Hoda, and now I want Hoda so bad because if she hosts the mains show Regis will probaly be back with Kathie Lee for the fourth hour. this is from fdorn Hoda does not look dirty. ann curry really needs to go


Until reading these comments, I really never thought of replacing Matt. That may not be a bad idea as his arrogance has become annoying. However, he is good! Ann is great, although I never been more tempted to turn to GMA in 29yrs ive been watching. Something is wrong. I miss the Meridith and Matt synergy. I don't care what it takes fix it!!!!! But start with the content, "Ann, I really like you, however, your are not remedy for this ongoing problem".


I'm Canadian & tune in every 7am to watch the Today show here in Canada. Ive switched from GMA & been watching Today for 11 yrs now. My favorite is Ann. I dont know why she is to blame for the show's drop in ratings. Ann is a dedicated journalist;talented; classy; real; & professional without overpowering Matt. Im sorry to see her go. Good Luck & More Power Ann!. You will be missed.


What diffrence does it make ,what ethnic background she a person is?if hoda os qualified thats all that should matter


I vote with others....Matt is the reaswon I don't watch. He is SO biased in his politics that I am just uncomfortable. Of course, not surprising with how slanted the enitre network is in their politicdal reporting. I truly don't enjoy Hoda...but if the ratings like her, well hopefully "ratings" are the target customer...I won't be watching. Good luck to Ann, she deserves better than she got...and the network deserves Matt.


I vote for Sara Gore. she has the personality and vitality of Katie Couric and Kely Riparian. Fabulous Charisma, Brillant smilre. A wonderful dark horse who can get the ratings back

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