Hillary Clinton Called Overweight, Tired By Author

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to make news, and not just for the nearly impeccable job she's doing as America's top diplomat.

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    she looks awesome even without a make up and i love and enjoy her books @ClintonHillaryR


    she looks awesome even without a make up and i love and enjoy her books http://goo.gl/8DJIqU




    Hillary is a true blessing to all of us. Hillary has been a terrific model for us all and maybe one day she will finally be our President. Go Hillary!


    @Hatfield and McCoy Well, I can't argue with your reasoning on this subject. It's true. Hillary made a dumb move hangin' with the 'Bama Man, but suppose she thought the public exposure of a cabinet office, plus the experience gained as Sec. of State which translates to strengthening her Foreign Policy abilities was a draw for her. Still, she may pull off a possible later run. You hit on the money when you said that women in politics are seen as a threat! Sad, but true.


    @Eyes. You ask why? Because Women in Politics are a threat. They tend to stay on course. Democrats would have been so much better off had they stayed their course in 08 and made her the selection. She would have won a 2nd term. Now they have this " Cluster F*ck" of a President who not only will lose but will lose big. If anything- her mistake was being tied to Obama- the present Administration. When people looked at Gerald Ford they saw Nixon- McCain- they saw Bush. The worst thing that can happen for a " H Clinton 2016" bid- its for Obama to win in 2012! Bill & his Bride- they both know it's true.


    Who is this guy and why do we care what he says? She is good at her work and that is what we pay her for. He sound like a sexist to me


    Why is it women in politics have to always be attacked regarding their looks...or comments are made about their morality??? The woman's did a lot in her life so far and it's only gonna show on ya eventually!


    She has done an impeccable job as Sec of State. She hasn't had the luxury of resting on her laurels like our President. Boy, do I ever regret not voting for her in the last election. Leave it to this idiot, Ed Klein, to disregard her hard work and remarkable accomplishments and choose instead to comment on her weight. What a real dick this guy is.


    Well, she's always been overweight, but look at ALL the presidents(and presidential wannabe's)...they all look tired(including Obama, who is much younger than Clinton!). It think its politics...must be an exhausting job. While she really doesn't look that good, most people that age look tired and overweight. She's still breathing, she could look a lot worse, give her a break.

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