Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets N Word at Jay-Z Concert, Defends Usage Against Irate Fans

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Gwyneth Paltrow has Tweeted her way into a swirl of controversy.

Gwyneth Paltrow in London

The actress, who is very open about her friendship with Jay-Z and Beyonce, was invited on stage in France this weekend to join the rapper and Kanye West during an encore performance of their popular single, "Niggas in Paris."

But when The Dream snapped the following photo of the actress, her reply set off a firestorm on the blogging site: "Niggas in paris for real," Paltrow wrote.

Paltrow Twit Pic

In response to the backlash over using that word, Paltrow Tweeted on Sunday: "Hold up. It's the title of the song!"

But that wasn't good enough for some.

"Lets be very clear she called a group of black men that have nothing to do with the song 'Ni**as'. Are Kanye and Jay-z in the picture? No. She is specifically calling The Dream and Ty Ty real 'Ni**as In Paris' in that moment," wrote one of Gwyneth's follwers. "There was no need for that. She's the one that connected the two, They have nothing to do with the song."

The Dream, meanwhile, rushed in to Paltrow's defense - "FYI, sorry for the confusion. I typed 'N----- in Paris for real' from Gwen's phone, my bad," he Tweeted. "Please excuse it! We were lit." - and now HE is facing backlash.

One fan accused the producer of rushing in to "save that white princess."

What do you think? Did Paltrow do anything wrong here?


Landon D. wrote "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" No, Landon we're not kidding you.


"Why do Black People have a personal mandate on always being gingerly handled with the utmost care -" @Magarietha: To say this about blacks, when one considers history -- including what blacks went through in YOUR country, South Africa -- is the height of absurdity. You probably couldn't find a more resilient people, as evidenced in part by the occupant of the White House. But your comment gets to that ignorance of history that is the problem with most discussions about race. Just what I was talking about.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This is ridiculous! Like she meant anything at all by it. When the stars that were on stage are cool, then so should everyone else. This is NOT a racial thing! At least, it wasn't until these hypocritical cry babies made it one!


It seems that, it's not nice, but you can use any derogatory name you want, except the 'N' word. Blacks can use the word but non-blacks, cannot. That is discrimination. Equal rights means that everyone starts with an equal playing field. So what's with affirmative action, within employment, and a college admission. When one of the many, many, blacks killing non-blacks, occurs, where is the Zimmerman/Martin, outrage?


@Magarietha Brilliant reply, that should start them off!


When will Black peoples get over themselves and get on with the job. Here in South Africa we whites get called horific names by black people. Do we complain? Never. We're too busy securing our homes with steel doors and burglar proofing. Just get working and never looking up from the job. What does it matter what people call you - WHY does it matter. It's just another way of seeking sensation to be somehow justified. Why do Black People have a personal mandate on always being gingerly handled with the utmost care - this has never been the prerogative of whites. We just take it in our stride and carry on working and more working without being so easily distracted. Crikey Moses! it's really becoming a bit much.


I find it distasteful that Americans sing about niggas or nigger or whatever.
No-one should use the word, and your colour makes no difference in this regard. It is a racist term, and the fact that rappers use it is reprehensible.
Anyone who uses it is quite simply a racist wanker - black American rappers included. Apologies guys but it really annoys me.


Really?: You're allowed to do what you want. This is what I wrote in an earlier comment: The word is very tricky. Artists also have to accept some responsibility that when they make a hit song with the word in the title that people of all races just might be inclined to use it. Duh.


Pally: I did want to point where I agree with you -- that "constant" talk about racism can stunt a child, and make him miss out on the opportunities he or she has. I think there's a balance.


So, if I play the CD in my car, am I not aloud to sing it as it was written? I usually bad for a white girl, I need to edit myself.

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