Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets N Word at Jay-Z Concert, Defends Usage Against Irate Fans

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Gwyneth Paltrow has Tweeted her way into a swirl of controversy.

Gwyneth Paltrow in London

The actress, who is very open about her friendship with Jay-Z and Beyonce, was invited on stage in France this weekend to join the rapper and Kanye West during an encore performance of their popular single, "Niggas in Paris."

But when The Dream snapped the following photo of the actress, her reply set off a firestorm on the blogging site: "Niggas in paris for real," Paltrow wrote.

Paltrow Twit Pic

In response to the backlash over using that word, Paltrow Tweeted on Sunday: "Hold up. It's the title of the song!"

But that wasn't good enough for some.

"Lets be very clear she called a group of black men that have nothing to do with the song 'Ni**as'. Are Kanye and Jay-z in the picture? No. She is specifically calling The Dream and Ty Ty real 'Ni**as In Paris' in that moment," wrote one of Gwyneth's follwers. "There was no need for that. She's the one that connected the two, They have nothing to do with the song."

The Dream, meanwhile, rushed in to Paltrow's defense - "FYI, sorry for the confusion. I typed 'N----- in Paris for real' from Gwen's phone, my bad," he Tweeted. "Please excuse it! We were lit." - and now HE is facing backlash.

One fan accused the producer of rushing in to "save that white princess."

What do you think? Did Paltrow do anything wrong here?



Avatar did get one part right younger generations don't care. My son calls his black friends "his niggas". I whipped around waiting for his 3 friends to knock him out and they said they're fine with it. In fact they told him to say it!! All of them have been taught about slavery but it changes nothing.
A black american is redundant. Unless we are white americans, asian americans....people are black, white, asian, etc. If black people don't want to be called a certain name then don't call each other that. You don't hear about a song crackers in Paris.
Lead by example or get trampled.


This is all a big joke, and a laugh. I think some of these comments are right on, don't use the word yourself if you don't want others to use it. And everyone needs to settle down there is not a single person alive that has first hand knowledge of what it was like being a slave, & I think we should move on because we are in the 21'st century.


Who even said it is OK to use the term "us crackers." I think that term is NOT appropriate, either. It is as bad as ANYONE using the N word - no matter what your ethnic background is. Neither term or phrase, depicting a group of people, is acceptable. EVER!!!


As usual they bring up the race card-come on Gwennie Paltrow a racist? It's the name of the song-they are in the picture, you can see Jay Z standing there. Change the name of the song & stop calling each other "Niggas" if it bothers you so much. Oh & be4 u all jump on me I have a black nephew who I love more than anything in the world. We don't use the word, we don't like the word & we even told him no to use the word. Not only that they true definition of the word has nothing to do with a black person. It was originally used to describe a "ignorant person". Then over the decades it was used as a slang for black people. I hate when anyone uses the word but mostly when black people use the word against each other. I think it's time to stop calling names & get rid of the word altogether. One way is to stop using it in songs etc.


Wow!!! Can't believe this is even an issue. Like most, I am inclined to agree. NOT A BIG DEAL!!! Don't want anyone to drop the N word??? Then don't drop it yourselves. It's the name of the song!! Duh!!!! If she'd been black, this wouldn't even be an issue. Geez!!! Lighten up, alittle. Because us "crackers" are alittle over this "poor me because I'm black" crap!!! I have black friends. I have white friends. Just bc one says the N word doesn't make them racist!! Let me guess..??? Here comes the Reverend & the rest of the clan!!


I'm black and my husband and I have taught our children that the N word is a bad word. I don't think anyone should use that word. I don't blame Gwyneth because it's the name of the song, the song shouldn't have that name.


Who the F*ck cares!


I live in the south, and the white men my family hang around think its ok to use the word because they are all about this, my black people, stop referring to yourself as niggas n maybe, just maybe, the white people you hang with wouldn't think its ok to call you that! You all just looking to start crap, lets love one another....the way we are going now, I can see they will b serious race wars in the near future.


pally wrote: "you see a bunch of kids today it looks like a united nation meeting..." True. And of course, the country is slowly heading toward a minority-majority, which will make many of the old black-white racial disputes obsolete. (And they're already headed that way.)

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