Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets N Word at Jay-Z Concert, Defends Usage Against Irate Fans

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Gwyneth Paltrow has Tweeted her way into a swirl of controversy.

Gwyneth Paltrow in London

The actress, who is very open about her friendship with Jay-Z and Beyonce, was invited on stage in France this weekend to join the rapper and Kanye West during an encore performance of their popular single, "Niggas in Paris."

But when The Dream snapped the following photo of the actress, her reply set off a firestorm on the blogging site: "Niggas in paris for real," Paltrow wrote.

Paltrow Twit Pic

In response to the backlash over using that word, Paltrow Tweeted on Sunday: "Hold up. It's the title of the song!"

But that wasn't good enough for some.

"Lets be very clear she called a group of black men that have nothing to do with the song 'Ni**as'. Are Kanye and Jay-z in the picture? No. She is specifically calling The Dream and Ty Ty real 'Ni**as In Paris' in that moment," wrote one of Gwyneth's follwers. "There was no need for that. She's the one that connected the two, They have nothing to do with the song."

The Dream, meanwhile, rushed in to Paltrow's defense - "FYI, sorry for the confusion. I typed 'N----- in Paris for real' from Gwen's phone, my bad," he Tweeted. "Please excuse it! We were lit." - and now HE is facing backlash.

One fan accused the producer of rushing in to "save that white princess."

What do you think? Did Paltrow do anything wrong here?


who cares she never used it to insult them or to degrade someone. I am disabled and crippled, handicapped, deformed and other words to describe my disability doesn't offend me at all. Its ridiculas that the word N****a makes people s upset. whats the difference and who cares. Black people refer to themselves as such. Who cares!!


Let's take a good look at our politically correct society where anything goes, there is no right or wrong, and someone gets upset about a word that most black people use more talking to one another than I have used throughout my 50+ years on this earth. I work around blacks and if I got $1.00 every time one of them used the word I would be RICH!


Kanye and Jay-Z shouldn't be using the word either. All black people don't use the word, and just because some rich black thug idiots use it don't mean that the rest of us should condone it.


Some words should be reserved exclusively for people of a particular racial background. Look how well it worked for schools, bathrooms and water fountains.


First of all Gwyneth Paltrow is NOT racist! She is a dignified and classy kind and a lovely woman. the question is why is she wasting her time listening to such horrible music, where the artists degrade themselves with racist name calling. It just shows there is no forgiveness about the past. I agree with JUMP the past is dead so lets move on as one people and stop using racist names in songs. Its sounds so stupid and gives you an headache just listening to such songs.


Gwyneth Paltrow is a really nice person. I dont think she is racist at all. Why do certain african american singers continue to use the racist names from the past in their songs. Its SO degrading and hypocritical. Get over the past. The past was wrong, but its over now, SO STOP USING OLD RACIST NAMES IN confuses everyone, even innocent people who like rap music but are not racist.


It's sad that jay-z and Kanye are still making these degrading records,saying all kinds of things about the black race and people dance and shake their asses as this garbage.Rappers are basiclly rich thugs and hoodlums, who sell drugs and guns and beat up women.They are the reason you see all the nasty looking sagging pants. They got rich calling black women whores and bitches.Decent people should. Not buy any of the garbage they make.


damn.damn.damn....always some muthafuckin shit!!! Lol.....the people who are trippin...aren't trippin cus it was said....they're trippin cus a 'white' person said on people it's the title of the song...


It is the name of the song and if it didnt bother the the rappers why should it bother anyone else. Did it piss you off when Kanye and Jayz said it in the song???? If it did then by all means be offended by her tweet but if they didnt offend you then she shouldnt offend you. Personnaly I feel it is a word that shouldnt be used at all. But since it is glamorized in music then you cant complain when anyone says it


I mean.. Its the name of the song. Kanye and Jay put everyone who isn't "Black" in an awkward position because obviously other races are going to like the song too. I'm sure if wiz kalifa or waka wrote that tweet 99.9% of the world wouldn't give a damn. Its stupid. why can't she say it? the context wasn't wrong in my opinion. it's just a whole bunch of black people making something out of nothing.She was at their concert even if it wasn't them on the stage I'm sure they performed it at some point. Black people need to sop over reacting when people who aren't black use that term. In my opinion NO ONE should be referring to each other in that way anyhow. You don't see white people walking around calling each other crackers as a sign of respect. They need to get over themselves.

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