Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets N Word at Jay-Z Concert, Defends Usage Against Irate Fans

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Gwyneth Paltrow has Tweeted her way into a swirl of controversy.

Gwyneth Paltrow in London

The actress, who is very open about her friendship with Jay-Z and Beyonce, was invited on stage in France this weekend to join the rapper and Kanye West during an encore performance of their popular single, "Niggas in Paris."

But when The Dream snapped the following photo of the actress, her reply set off a firestorm on the blogging site: "Niggas in paris for real," Paltrow wrote.

Paltrow Twit Pic

In response to the backlash over using that word, Paltrow Tweeted on Sunday: "Hold up. It's the title of the song!"

But that wasn't good enough for some.

"Lets be very clear she called a group of black men that have nothing to do with the song 'Ni**as'. Are Kanye and Jay-z in the picture? No. She is specifically calling The Dream and Ty Ty real 'Ni**as In Paris' in that moment," wrote one of Gwyneth's follwers. "There was no need for that. She's the one that connected the two, They have nothing to do with the song."

The Dream, meanwhile, rushed in to Paltrow's defense - "FYI, sorry for the confusion. I typed 'N----- in Paris for real' from Gwen's phone, my bad," he Tweeted. "Please excuse it! We were lit." - and now HE is facing backlash.

One fan accused the producer of rushing in to "save that white princess."

What do you think? Did Paltrow do anything wrong here?


White people shouldn't be allowed to use the letter "N" from now on because it's a dangerous letter.

@ Jure

As a white ma- I will give a good example by bei-g the first white ma- to not use that evil letter -o more


white people shouldn't be allowed to say the names of songs.


yeah, i agree with some of these comments. jay-z has no right to use that word and someone bigger and meaner than he is should open up a can of whoopass on him and make sure he doesn't use the word in any more songs. he's just leaving it open for racist pigs and closet racists (many liberals + conservatives) to use the word. fuck that word. blacks are human beings, spiritual beings, and should never hear that word again on this planet.


the stupid twit has been married to a redneck for too long and doesn't even know whites don't get to use that word. period. only African-American rap singers. and, frankly, as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't use that word either because it makes it easier for twits like this actress to use it.


Since when does Jay Z and Kanye West represent an entire race of people? To that point I say, Gwenyth wasn't talking JUST to those two who made the song title, so they can't be the TWO that can give that white woman permission to use such a nasty word that shouldn't be used at all, to entitle absolutely nothing. If Gwenyth thinks those two cock suckers (Jay Z & Kanye)can give her permission to use the N-word, she better be VERY SURE that they too will protect her after its use which I very highly doubt as REAL BLACK men who know who they are do not respect these clowns. You all who think she's right, be my guest...but there is ALWAYS consequences to dumb actions....


Who drew first blood?


So what if it's just a song. Black people are the most stupid people on the planet, and most racist too. Get off the Amistad. You have an Interscope bug, you hate "Iluminati" and Brits for no reason, you watch too many movies, you're a stupid person. It's fact factorium, they ruined America. They contribute nothing to anything. 'Shat my egusi soup yesterday', omg that's so funny, we are so entertained. And when you are prideful and arrogant, we are so happy for you. We love rappers, so amazing they are.

Chris barnes
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I look at it like this...Gwyneth Paltrow should stick to acting...period. Case closed.


It's just a word. Context, niggas. Fo' real.
If she had said "I hate niggers", then you uppity types might have a valid reason for your insane rage.
She clearly doesn't.

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