Gisele Bundchen: Pregnant Again!

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Gisele Bundchen is pregnant with another future supermodel or NFL star!

After weeks of speculation, the Brazilian beauty and husband Tom Brady are expecting their second child together, a source confirmed to Us earlier today.

"Yes, she is pregnant," the source dished, adding that the 31-year-old is "already three months" along. "They are both really happy!" the source says. Yay!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Picture

The Victoria's Secret stunner reportedly begged out of the 13th annual Best Buddies Event in Hyannis Port, Mass., which Brady chaired, over the weekend.

But so far, at three months along, no Gisele Bundchen photos have shown any hint of a bump. Kate Middleton's baby bump (quote-unquote) is another story.

In a Boston park with Tom on June 1, she offered little sign of a growing belly in a loose-fitting beige top, accessorized with skin-tight pants, shades and a scarf.

The baby-to-be will join big brother Benjamin, the pair's two-year-old son.

Bundchen wed the handsome New England Patriots quarterback, 34, in April 2009; he also has a 4-year-old son, Jack, with his ex Bridget Moynahan.


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Tom looks good... Gisele looks great also.


What a bunch of jealous, miserable haters!
Paige, I hope you can learn grammar and how to spell or at least find some pride about yourself, though it may not be your fault.
Summer, I completely agree with you!
anon, you are a garden-variety jealous coward.
BeeBee, exactly! I totally concur!
Lena, you seem to be exceptionally shallow and unkind yourself. And Lena, I pray that you learn to stop lying.
Very true, Nadia! They are a beautiful, smart couple with beautiful children.


How many Gallons of haterade have you people been drinking? This couple is gorgeous and they have a beautiful child. I'm sure they will have another beautiful child. So you better get lots more Gallons of Haterade. You're gonna need it.


First i hate Tom Brady
Who really cares?


Okay, wow! First, seriously people, these kids don't deserve to be talked about like that because of what one thinks of their parents. Second, I have met both so I will speak my mind on them both BeeBee. I have nothing kind to say of either of these people, they are both shallow and unkind people to the masses. However, I am happy for Bridget that she got away when she did, she deserves better. But they deserve each other. However, their kids are innocent babies, and I can only pray that raising kids will open their minds and hearts to the real world. Who cares who is the prettiest, or how many games you win or lose in the NFL. Tell me what you do besides that, what do you stand for?? I pray for them all and their kids, that they find more.


I wonder if the envy people calling these beautiful ugly, bitch, stuck up, cave men etc... Have ever met them, because if they knew either one they are anything but stuck up, specially Gisele! A child is always a blessing!! There are always those idiots that have to put their two negative cents in. I'm sure their parents didn't teach them if you don't have anything nice to say, then SHUT UP!


It really sucks that the most beautiful couple in the world, Bill and Guiliana have had a long road to having a family and this horrible wicked arrogant couple, who I bet will turn out as equally selfish offspring, do this for sport and accessory not love.


Dear Paige, What is your problem. What do YOU look like?


I hope this child looks better than his first two. They were suppose have such a beautiful baby but im not impressed. Gisele and tom arent to great looking themselves. She looks like a bird and he looks like a caveman. His first boy is a mini caveman. She is a stuck up bitch and he is a wimp.glad he lost the superbowl i hate celebs they put on a pedestal.