George Zimmerman "Missed Opportunities" to Defuse Trayvon Martin Confrontation, Investigator Finds

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George Zimmerman failed to identify himself twice and missed opportunities to defuse a confrontation with Trayvon Martin, a detective says in a newly released report.

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    zimmerman is only going thru this garbage because he killed a black guy. the race issue will never end. blacks kill blacks daily but once a white guy kills a black guy, in SELF DEFENSE, he is put in jail. this is why racism will never end, because blacks will always cry to get their way and whites know if they don't just shut up and give the babies their bottles, they will never get these people to SHUTUP!


    George Zimmermin's father was a judge, and that's why he was able to to get a cancealed weapons permit eventhough he was arrested for assaulting a police officer, and domestic abuse,his applications for work in law enforcement were all rejeceted.He could'nt even hold a job as a security cop.On the night that he killed Trevon Martin, he was taking two perscription drugs for ADD.He was attending classes for criminal science, that's why is story is so convincing.The evidence will show that he is a pathalogical liar.


    If Martin was such a thug how come he didn't have the gun instead of Zimmerman?
    And if Zimmerman is gosh darned innocent why does he have such a long rap sheet, including beating his wife and assault on a police officer?
    Some of y'all prove how stoopid you are every time you open your mouths. Racist dumbasses.


    As for the courts..OJ Simpson..guilty or no?


    Trayvon Martin was not a hoodlum he was some body's child, George zimmerman should have listened to the police dispatcher especially if was a watch captain, I don't think this is a case of racism, Mr zimmerman has contradicted himself on one than more occasion, Trayvon martin is dead, if george zimmerman would have told Trayvon who he was maybe the teen would still be alive, folks on here talking about racism, a teen is dead and Mr zimmerman should be held accountable


    So, is it safe to say that Martin also missed opportunities to diffuse the confrontation? I think that it IS safe to say... You can't have it both ways. It's tragic that he is deceased, however, it was unnecessary for the confrontation, correct? He could've stayed hidden, or dialed 911 himself, right? There are allot of 'what ifs'. Maybe Zimmerman should've stayed in his vehicle. Maybe Zimmerman was incorrect in his assumption of Martin, but, he did not break any laws by doing either. Whoever initiated the physical assault is the one who becomes guilty. No need to say who did, because NONE of us knows.... But, by all accounts that I have reviewed, it looks like self defense (I could be wrong). That is what the court system is for...


    typo....previous comment @allsaints45


    @ //v...please read about the case and stop using the insane talking points that the Zimmerman supporters are known for using. Trayvon was listed as 5'11 148 on his autopsy. YOu all keep adding inches and pounds to make this kid seem like a big hulking menace. Fact is...the kid was only a few inches taller than George and about 30 pounds lighter. If you wanna argue...use real facts...all of the extras that are talking about explains very clearly why you think GZ acted in self defense. For's not about GZ and's about "racist black people".


    @allsaints - you are SO RIGHT! enough of all the political correctness, let's call a spade a spade!!!


    zimmerman is innocent! he was defending himself, clear and simple. anyone attacked by a black hoodlum would have done the same if armed and feared for their life.

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