Floyd Mayweather Defeated in Court, Ordered to Remain Behind Bars

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Finally, Floyd Mayweather has suffered a defeat. By technical knockout, if you ask us.

Following a positively ridiculous petition from the athlete's lawyer - stating Mayweather should be released early from his 87-day prison term because he's wasting away and his career is at risk - a Nevada judge has responded and basically told the star boxer:

Cry me a frickin river.

Floyd Mayweather Trains

Denying Mayweather's request, the judge said in court yesterday that the athlete's supposedly withering physical state is "self-induced, as water is made available twenty-four hours a day."

He also called BS on the gripe that Mayweather's diet consists of just a few hundred calories/day, adding that "[Floyd] chooses not to eat the food provided" and concluding:

"While the training areas and times provided to Floyd may not be consistent with his prior regimen, he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses."

Here's a crazy suggestion, Floyd Mayweather: the next time you're worried about your training suffering behind bars, do not beat your baby mama.

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a man should never hit a woman period.leave.he deserves to stay there.what a crybaby.man up


I agree with Jawny..... Nuff said!! Lol


I don't understand why young rich guys get involved with just one money grubbing female, plus adding kids to the mix. I don't like woman beaters, but "jawny" calling Floyd a coward is a stretch. I know you wouldn't say that to his face, except for the legal protection that you enjoy against a prize fighter kicking your ass.


What kind of jackass lawyer did he have that would even try this? Do push ups in your cell or something you whiny ass! Eat what you are given and drink water. What a sissy! Dont be a woman beater! What a spoiled brat


put the crybaby woman beating coward our in the general population and see how tough he is.

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