Fifty Shades of Grey Read, Discussed By Three Grandmothers

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Our favorite three pop culture savvy grandmas are back!

The golden girls who enlightened us with their analysis of the Kim Kardashian sex tape ("She's just laying there!") have put that sensual cinematic work aside and turned their attention to the literary brilliance that is Fifty Shades of Grey!

Whether you've read it or not, this is a must-see:

After listening to the senior citizen trio discussing the book's terribleness and debating the merits of vaginal fisting, two things have become abundantly clear:

  1. The movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey might give all three of them heart attacks, especially if Ian Somerhalder gets his wish and scores the lead role.
  2. These three girlfriends need to make more viral videos.

Happy Mother's Day. I have read the trilogy and wish I could atentd. I certainly have a few opinions about the style of writing, lack of structure and overuse of concepts. Kind of like beating a submissive into submission! Sorry, couldn't resist. And lastly, how insulted I was to have the third book end in such a remedial, childish like manor. I felt like I had just finished a fourth grade essay. Please finish your up coming book so I can have a quality book to read!


I have not read the book, but these ladies made my day! I hope they continue their work. So funny. So real. I miss Jersey...and wish that these ladies lived in my neighborhood. I would hang out with them whenever possible.


These old women need to have sex!


Those 3 grandmas should have their own comedy series. They are H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!! LOL!!!!!


^^^^ The comment above me is FULL OF WIN!!


I read the trilogy and I'm a great-grandmother. I often wonder if young people think they invented sex. This book was nothing new to me, escept for the contract, and my thoughts are "big deal". Tapping into a dark fetish and writing about it isn't new at all. I had a friend who defecated on a glass table while her professor watched underneath. That's how she worked her way through college. Nothing new and no movie required.

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