Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco: Negged From Numerous Wedding Venues

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Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada and fiance Chad Ochocinco are finding it hard to nail down a wedding venue as Miami hotels are turning them down left and right.

Several establishments have rejected the couple's request to tie the knot at their facilities because they don't want glasses and fists flying ... you know the drill.

The reality TV couple is currently filming their Basketball Wives spin-off Ocho and Eve, with the big season finale set to feature Chad and Lozada's wedding.

Provided anyplace will allow them to film it, of course.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco

Miami's St. Regis, The Ritz, and Breakers have all turned the couple down so far, as hotel managers fear the fighting or risk of having their hotels seen on VH1.

Undeterred, the celebrity wedding is set to film next month as long as Ocho and Eve can actually find a place with which to say 'til reality TV death do us part.

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Evelyn is trashy by what she potrays on tv. Its no wonder these high end establishments wont host her wedding! Chic needs a reality check and revamp her attitude!


Eve. don't need to have a place to have her wedding because she is a ghetto hot mess period and that is sad.Do people really think she is changing for real NO all you have to do is look at her on the reuion show and than you can see her for who she really is


Respectable hotels (restaurants or other companies) do not want bad press. The reputation Evelyn has established for herself is not going be welcomed. I would prefer to go to places she and her violence would not be welcome. If I were the mother of hs children, I would not allow my children to go to the home and be exposed to her behavior. I wish them the best but do not see the union as a serious relationship.


Look noone is perfect alot of the mess that Ev does is for the reality show and the people talking s@#$ watch the show enough to know whats going on. Stop hating if Chad and Ev make it great if not oh well on to the next.


Money can't by you everything!!!! Evelyn N Chad deserve each other....both are hood, both lie, both know how to play the money game,
Both know how to kiss N manipulate their ignorant fans...
They no morals nor do they respect others. They don't care how their kids feel bcus they bye their love with money....thank GOD...HIS KIDS, LIVE WITH THEIR REAL MOTHER. AS FOR EVELYNS KID??? Lost case, because she turned out just like her mother....Evelyn is a great teacher!!!! Evelyn N Chad should remember....what goes around comes around....MONEY DOES NOT BYE DIGNITY!!!!


Oh shame guy Ochocinco was dropped from the New England Patriots today n was paid out 5.75 million dollars. I saw what a better time to leave the scallowag alone.


Why is she trying to go so upscale for her wedding venue? She needs to have the wedding in the hood, where she came from. That's the only place where it's okay to act the way she does and they won't turn her down. No respectable, highly-rated establishment wants her putting a smudge on their good name...especially with all the calls for boycotting her shows. Everyone saw that added piece at the end of the current season, where Shaunie was talking to her pastor. She knows these antics are making her look bad in the real world. Now Evelyn's finding out.


It's all fame and fortune then divorce 6 months later.


He is such a tool and he treats her like dirt on national tv!


I just want to know what type of parent would allow their children around a disrespectful, trashy mouth, bullying person and then marry them. WOW!

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