Erin Moran, Happy Days Star, Now Living in Trailer

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Happy Days star Erin Moran does not appear to be too happy these days.

According to the National Enquirer, Moran was evicted from her California home, forcing her to move into a trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana.

In 2008, Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham, appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, but has landed few solid gigs since her Happy Days heyday.

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In 1982, the now 51-year-old actress earned a Happy Days spinoff, Joanie Loves Chachi, followed by roles in The Love Boat and Murder, She Wrote.

Moran is currently sharing her new, downsized living quarters with her husband, Steve Fleischmann, and his mother, according to reports.

Things may turn around for her soon, however.

A judge recently ruled that Erin Moran and her Happy Days co-stars may in fact seek back royalties from DVD sales of the show in court.

CBS and Paramount Pictures originally tried to dismiss their claims, saying that all of the actors had previously been paid what they were owed.

The group's unpaid royalties are worth roughly $250,000-500,000.



Why cant she get a job?


i hope she gets the money made from royalties. but why cant her husband support her (like millions of american husbands)? did he marry her when she had money? just seems odd. he should get a job!


she doesnt look very happy. i think that she should get paid for happy days. why is she living in indiana. well i wish her luck. thanks lisa


Times are tough for everyone - including actress Erin Moran. I hope she deservedly receives the royalties from the Happy Days DVD. I hope things will change for her in the future. At least, she has somewhere to live. Many people don't.


She looks awful, im her age, and I fared better without the millions that she probably had & blowned away. A few yrs ago, I remember she had a meltdown, when they were doing a Happy Days reunion and she started calling her co-stars devils, and didnt appear on the show. Maybe her mental illness had something to do with her current status. If she is happy, its okay to live in a trailer park. She has been out of the spotlight without a regular job for yrs. Except for the reality show. Does she have kids?


Geronimo G--did you even read the story??? She's living in a trailer park because THEY FORECLOSED ON HER HOME! She didn't chose to go to a trailer park.
What I don't get is what's wrong with her husband? Does he work? Does he bring in any money? Like someone said on here put her on "DWTS"


Perfect candidate for Dancing with the "Stars"


Geez, negatives are ALIVE. Her glass is either HALF FULL or ALMOST MT. She is living where she is comfortable, and can afford it, maybe. She doesn't need a $4million dollar home just to LIVE in. Comfort is WHERE you are and find it. I am hoping that she will get the MONIES DUE, and that she is completely happy. Life gets rough but things should only get BETTER for her.


Total B lister. Who cares? Should have saved your money like the rest of us.


I think that (by now) it's common knowledge that Erin Moran had no intention of losing any weight while appearing on VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club. She only went on there because they paid her $100,000 just for appearing on there for that season. And, supposedly, Erin needed the money to pay back taxes (or whatever) on her home. And, now...she is living in a trailer park. More and more, life is strange..........