Emily Maynard: What is The Bachelorette Star Hiding?!

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Is Emily Maynard really as sweet and down-to-earth as she seems on The Bachelorette? Probably, but that doesn't make for good celebrity gossip!

That's got to be the rationale for Us Weekly’s most recent issue, which touts “shocking secrets” about Maynard, the 26-year-old single mom.

They have four major claims, which we break down below:

Emily Maynard Us Weekly Cover
  1. Nose job, breast implants, fake teeth, etc. "Sources" say she went under the knife prior to taping Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor in 2010.
  2. She's a temperamental b!tch: “Maynard has admitted that her relationship with Brad post-Bachelor was marred by 'knock-down, drag-out fights.'"  
  3. She and Ricki’s grandparents hate each other: The late Ricky Hen­drick’s parents are “livid” Maynard decided to do a second round of reality TV.
  4. She's kind of a social-climbing snob: “Emily is a bit of a social climber” who's dated "some heavy hitters" and enjoys the finer things in life.

All in all, kind of a non-story. She’s naturally gorgeous, even if she wears too much make-up, and couples fight sometimes. Brad's no picnic either.

As for her telling Kalon McMahon to hit the bricks, if someone called your kid “baggage,” well, you aren't a b!tch for snapping back. You're human.

Ricky's parents hating her? Who knows. It's not hard to believe there's tension or they don't like her going on The Bachelorette for obvious reasons.

And wow, Emily Maynard has money and has dated famous people (including other race car drivers not named Ricky or Arie Luyendyk, Jr.)? Gasp!

Really, Us, you're stretching a little bit here.


Can't fault Emily for wanting the finer things in life...all women would love to have it all...a great man..and a load of cash..and if you say you don't ..ur lying!!..I sincerely hope that she finds her place in this world..only GOD knows her true intentions and what she has been through..he will make the final call..:)


It's not that she had tons of plastic surgery. It's that she had "bad" surgery!! Her teeth look ridiculous, all bucked out. She should demand a refund from the dentist.


Leave Emily alone! Why should yall care if she has all that work done? If you are jelous, get some money and get some work done! Don't drill Emily! She is so sweet and not a snob at all so LEAVE EMILY ALONE!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?


She will end up with Jef, who has money and lots of connections. Has anyone else noticed some of the creepy illuminati stuff around him on the show and in his photos online? One picture has him & his friends with the little mermaid book on a desk. Look up the controversy surrounding that. The theres all the "peace" signs he flashes in pics....not looking good for him. Just sayin.


Emily is still happy and engaged. She is ecstatic. She's over the moon and loves her ring," a pal told Life & Style, noting that Emily's daughter is pleased with her mom's new beau as well. what a big joke - it won't last for too long


She is very pretty and seems nice. So what if she has enhancements. I'm getting me some, too.


Quite frankly it is none of the would have been in laws' business what Emily does. Emily has a right to do whatever she wants with her life and the whb in laws should butt out and mind their own business. Further there is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life. In fact if that is true it goes to her credit. It shows intelligence and good judgment. What would you expect an educated person like her to desire an unemployed potato picker or someone whose top earnings might be ten bucks an hour on a good day?


The teeth are a giveaway! Too perfect. Temperamental? Well Brad may not be a picnic Emily was not one either! He said she's one "helluva woman," might be true. Emily being a snob? One of the booted out suitors who admitted knowing her before the show commented she had a different persona so that one may be true. Truth is Emily is not as sweet as she seems something host Chris Harrison also mentioned. As for Emily wanting the finer things in life, don't we all want that?


typical fake azz WHITE girls lol,fake teeth,fake tan,fake boobs,botox,lipo lol....no wonder they men eating chinese these days:)


It is not the fact that she went under the knife, but she is not the girl next door. She is extremely high maintenance. Heaven help the guy that ends up with her.

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