Emily Maynard Boob Job, Plastic Surgery, Insecurities Alleged

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Emily Maynard got a boob job before going on The Bachelor, according to a new report that's probably not even true and wouldn't be that scandalous even if it were.

Us Weekly claims that the 26-year-old single mom underwent plastic surgery - breast impants, veneers and a nose job - before taking part in Brad Womack's season.

All in hopes of "landing a hot husband," allegedly. Umm ... really Us?

Emily Maynard's Hair
Emily Maynard High School Photo

Emily in May 2012 and in her 2004 high school yearbook photo.

The magazine claims Emily opted for drastic cosmetic enhancements because of long held aesthetic insecurities stemming from developing Bell's palsy as a teen.

The nerve disorder left "the right side of her face paralyzed for a few months," continued the insider. "She was tormented and bullied in school."

Argues another Emily Maynard insider: "She is painted in this Mother Teresa light. She is a nice girl, but she isn't as good as she is made out to be."

Because she allegedly had her nose and chest done?

While Emily clearly wears a lot of makeup, and many viewers have made Botox jokes, does she really look like she got plastic surgery? Does it matter?

It certainly hasn't kept the men from swooning over her. For hints as to who makes her final three this season, follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers!


she is looking attracitve.


Who really cares? If you take all the women away who have been on this show or the beauty pagents who have had boob jobs, they would not exist. She is beautiful. Silly stories coming from US weekly, and the New York Times reported one the other day saying a news source-when has US Weekly been a legit news source?


I still don't understand how so many women think that the yellow/bleach blonde is more attractive than the natural golden blonde on the right. These woman are all cookie cutters. I am tired of seeing fake blond, skinny plastic faced larged breasted women. It's getting boring.


i see a little difference but not that much... Different hair color and maybe a boob job that about it..


She sure didn't need anything "done" that picture of Emily before cosmetic surgery is priceless, and beautiful. Certainly she's a wholesome beauty in that picture. She looks more like Dolly Parton now, and Barbie--doll, but if that is how she feels like facing the day, the world, who am I to say anything...however, had I been her sister, mother, or close friend, I would have urged her to reconsider.
I think her earlier pic is about as perfect as one can get. Naturally.
Too bad she had bells palsy, but even worse if she was harassed for it? !!

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