Elmo's Racist Tirade: Man Dressed as Sesame Street Character Harasses Tourists in NYC

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Elmo impersonators roaming New York are nothing new, but one going off on anti-Semitic / racist tirades - ranting maniacally about Jews while harassing tourists - is.

The NYPD was forced to remove a man wearing the familiar furry, red Elmo costume from Times Square after he exploded into an obscenity-laced rant.

It's less funny and more scary than it sounds. Here's a quick clip:

Other Elmos around New York said they recognized the man from prior clashes and worry that this incident could tarnish their collective reputation.

In between posing for photos and harassing tourists for tips, the offending Elmo would go off on xenophobic and anti-Semitic tirades for some reason.

The man, whose name was not released because he was not arrested, was taken to Metropolitan Hospital Center for a psychological evaluation.

The man would shout “crazy stuff” about the other impersonators, said one witness, adding that people tried to keep a wary distance from Elmo.

One can certainly see why. Red dude's got some anger issues.


I have a feeling that that fella (dressed as Elmo) hated Sesame Street as a child. Just a thought..........


Jeff... go to a more appropriate site to spew your political opinion. I wonder who buddy mugged for the elmo suit? Scary for the kids! They'll need professional help for elmaphobia!


Was that Mel Gibson in that costume?


It's good that people like this are being exposed for the jerks they are. I remember something my stepmother used to say, one of the few things about which I completely agreed with her. "Feelings are never wrong," according to Myrna. "Feelings aren't about right and wrong. They're your feelings and you feel the way you feel." But let me append my stepmother's view: Feelings aren't about right and wrong, but whether and how you act on your feelings ... that IS about right and wrong! If this Bozo - or should I say Elmo - hates the Jewish people, that's his business and only his business. He shouldn't make it ours. Yes, I believe in our first-amendment right of free speech, but there's a time and place for everything and this was just completely uncalled for. We all live and co-exist in this world, and to paraphrase the late Rodney King, we all MUST get along!


Okay, that Elmo was scarey! No wonder I used to cry whenever I seen
characters from off the t.v. in the streets! I knew something wasn't right about them :( This was very scarey and I feel sorry for that Elmo.


All that he did was reference a book. I see no harm here.


Why is this article titled as a "Racist" tirade? The Jews aren't a race, they are a religion. If anything, it should be called "Elmo's Anti-Semitic Tirade"


I heard the man dressed as Elmo was Obama!


Um, all I heard was a clip from "American History X."