Drake: Dissing Rihanna in 2 Chainz Video?

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Drake is back in the news for his music, though he's courting controversy there as well, as his collaboration with 2 Chainz is believed to be a shot at Rihanna.

A week after the infamous Chris Brown-Drake fight - allegedly over Rihanna - went down at New York's W.i.P nightclub, the new video is raising eyebrows.

That's because in "No Lie," Drake joins 2 Chainz and raps rather negatively about a girl who happens to be a Grammy winner. Makes you wonder.

"Aww that look like what's her name, chances are it's what's her name/Chances are if she was actin' up then I f--ked her once and never f--ked again," he raps.

"She could have a Grammy, I still treat her ass like a nominee/Just need to know what that p--sy like so one time is fine with me."

Obviously, he doesn't specifically call out Rihanna by name, but it's hard not to speculate, given that he's been linked to her multiple times.

All we know is that Drake's Young Money boss Lil Wayne wants to end the beef with Brown ASAP so everyone can go back to focus on the music.

They can still bash each other, and certain female stars, plenty that way. Take a listen above ... though it's almost as NSFW as the Octomom porn trailer.


U got prom wiff everybody Bruh step Up for yuh get yo azz slaped.


The girl could be anyone I did notice rihanna has been a bit.....I dont want to say it...But she has been dressing a little less Okay i will just say it...Shes been dressing slutty But just because she dress slutty It dont mean you are a slut And its not like this is the first time Drake talked bad about a girl


Drake is a hater!!!!


I like drake im a fan of him I was a fan of rihanna But i read a interview of her and she was going mad over the questions and it was her fans questions


LOL....what do u know...good 'ol' hit it N quit it!!! She a HO n he know so....lol

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