Doug Gotterba: John Travolta's Secret Boyfriend of Six Years?

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After a week or two of relative quiet, the John Travolta sex scandal has exploded again with a new report that the actor had a six-year gay affair with his pilot.

Travolta and Doug Gotterba were lovers in the 1980s, according to Travolta’s former secretary and Gotterba’s ex boyfriend, who spilled to the National Enquirer.

We know, we know, it's the Enquirer. Grain of salt. But 1) these are just the latest in a LONG string of people alleging similar things, and 2) Rielle Hunter.

Joan Edwards was Travolta’s secretary from 1978-1994 and is the first ex-employee to publicly say the actor is gay - a surprisingly common revelation of late. 

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“I did everything for him, including taking care of his personal and professional schedules. Of course I knew he was gay. It never bothered me,” she said.

Carrie Fisher has also said John Travolta is gay. Edwards says specifically, she knew of Travolta's affair with Gotterba, who began working for him in 1981. 

"That's how I met Doug. We both worked for John at the same time. Doug is a wonderful guy and we are still good friends," she told the celebrity news mag.

"He told me that John was gay and they had a sexual relationship," she said.

Doug Gotterba is not quoted by the Enquirer about his relationship with Travolta. The tabloid says only that he confirmed his employment with the actor.

But Gotterba’s post-Travolta boyfriend, Robert Britz, confirms that and more.

"Doug told me right at the beginning of our relationship that he'd had a homosexual relationship with John Travolta in the 1980s," Britz recalled.

"Doug said John was constantly grabbing at his genital area, but he put up with John's sexual advances because working for him was 'lucrative.’”

Britz also reveals that he was shown home video of Gotterba and Travolta in a hotel room.

"I personally saw about two minutes of Doug's video showing John Travolta at the end of a bed with his shirt off. There were plates of food in front of him."

"The video appeared to be shot in a hotel room. Doug said it was lucrative to be what he called John's 'personal right hand man' and homosexual partner."

But Britz says Gotterba told him the relationship with Travolta was too much and he was turned off by John's "hairy body" and weight gain between movies.

"After a few years, Doug grew apart from John sexually, and John's advances started to repulse him," Britz said. "The relationship ended shortly thereafter."

And while Travolta was peaking in his Hollywood stardom, author Wensley Clarkson claims his team scrambled to hide his rumored homosexuality.

By setting him up on a date with 16-year-old starlet Brooke Shields.

"The relationship reached a head when John was being interviewed by a journalist and just happened to take two lovey-dovey phone calls from Brooke during the interview," Clarkson wrote in his 1997 biography John Travolta: Back in Character.

"Close friends of John Travolta knew perfectly well there was no romance with Brooke. But the rumors certainly helped to improve John's image."

John married Kelly Preston in 1991 and is fighting two lawsuits from masseurs who claim he became sexually aggressive with them during massages.

What do you think? Is John Travolta gay?



hes probably bi-sexual,he banged hella chicks and has kids ect.if you want to peter puff i dont agree but at least be a man and bang some girls gina to balance it out.


I have photos of doug Godderbah if you want to buy them..... have about 10... in cock pit, drinking pink martinies, flower behind his left ear ect... clear and close up..
hurry as im offering them to US, People, who and OK!


Kelly Preston is a truly beautiful woman, and is proof Homosexuality is a mental disorder, a man over that ??? and Hollywood & NY is where the pervs are celebrated , his career will tank now & good riddance, I want my kids to see how H'wood promotes the perversions , but he'll hook up with a 1 hour special with Oprah & get a few more minutes of fame, will become a Gay icon and just disappear he's made enough cash to last a hundred life times so he'll be OK C***S****r plain & simple

@ Lee Vaughn

Whoa...hate much???


And it's hollywood......Travolta is right now planning his televised speech with a publicist about how he needs to be "true to himself" and how he "lived a lie" because "he felt pressured" and he is a "gay American" and "coming out is freedom" and he will become a hero (because gay people only have morals to THEIR current byfriend or girlfriend, but abandoning kids, and a marriage, and hurting a million other people is okay so long as you TURN can't go the other way and be true to yourself though or they put you down and you disgrace gay people like they did with Anne Heche). But his career will actually get better because he will be more out which makes him "in" now in Hollywood and he'll probably be on the view first where they congratulate him etc.


I wonder if John was ever under the "tutelage" of the same director/producer/agent that Corey Feldman and Corey Haim - Feldmean mostly mentions as targeting young male actors. Travolta was there young, hit it big in his teen years, but was still in hollywood. But working in psych we would see SO MANY struggling with the gay issue, who were abused as young men, but conflicted because they were brought to "succeed" if you get my drift so they figured they must be gay, not knowing a guy could rub on a tree with imagination. But they were NOT born that way, though even the avused boys get told that. But we ignore that aspect because we want to validate gayness, when sometimes it was coerced and confusion, not a born that way


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NorthXshow, it's people like you who likely have never even seen Travolta at the Hollywood Parade, and you past judgment like you know him personally. Ugh! It's people like you who talk amongst your collegues at work and pretend you are so liberal, so pro gay rights, and when others openly express their opposing views about gay rights, you along with the company lynch party bastardize them; yet you use forums like this to express your true feelings. How dare you accuse Travolta of hiding his sexuality. Who could come out comfortably, with chameleons like you? Hmpf... I'm talking like I know you personally, hunh? Well that's just how you sound talking about Travolta's personal life.


john it's no big deal. If this is true just admit it and no one will have any thing to talk about. It will blow over faster, because no one really cares. If it is not true stand your ground and fight this until the bitter end.Know one should tolerate anything false said about them. Whatever you do it will work out in your favor as long as you are honest. Just remember what is done in the dark will always come to light.


He should take a lesson from George Michael & Ricky Martin. Man up and come out. Vwr all know & no one cares. If he was out he could hookup wItu men legit rather than harassing dudes. I feel sorry for his kids and wife.


I think what we have here is two separate issues. Being a heterosexual, I think everyone should have high standards, and anything else is compromising standards for personal selfish reasons. That is my view on other sexual orientations in retrospect to heterosexuality. With that out there, we're talking about two issues. The question doesn't lie in his homosexuality. The question lies with his criminal acts and cover ups as well as the disease he subjected Kelley to by his selfish desires. The fact of the matter is Kelley wanted name recognition. So she married him for his money and fame. I'm sorry, but disease don't care if you're a Millionare or in Relative Poverty. I do have one question, if both parents die from AIDS, then who is left to fight for the kids?

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