Doug Gotterba, Alleged John Travolta Gay Lover, Looking to Pen Tell-All Book?

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The pilot claiming he had a six-year gay affair with John Travolta is negotiating to reveal all the details in an explosive tell-all book, reports say.

Doug Gotterba was John's pilot in the '80s, and according to Doug, his former secretary and Doug's ex-boyfriend, he and the actor were lovers.

The Enquirer reports that Doug already has two writers lined up to help him tell his story, "confirmed his desire" to expose everything he knows.

John Travolta Losing His Hair

"It could be a marriage-ender," an insider told the Enquirer, saying that the book could be career-crushing and devastating to John's wife, Kelly Preston.

"Even though she wasn't married to John at the time, she's already been terribly humiliated by this ugly scandal that doesn't seem to end."

"A book by a man who John carried on with for years could simply be too much."

After all, it follows a month that saw two masseurs come forward to slap John with lawsuits - later dropped - claiming he was sexually aggressive.

Since then, more men have stepped forward claiming much of the same, though the actor vehemently denies all allegations via his attorney.



I used to be a big time Travolta fan, but with the things I have been reading about him, I am very disgusted with him and his secret lives. I threw away my Travolta DVDs, and will never watch any movie with him in it. I have no patience for a gay rapist.


This guy is a disgrace, I really hope he doesn't disgrace the Italian people even further by playing John Gotti. This 'flamer' is not fit to wear Gotti's Shoes, John Gotti was not a pillow biter!!!


What a disgrace he is, his wife should get checked for HIV. He is obviously a sexual predator.


I like the meat rod, plain and simple.


If w4e could get over the gay is bad bullcrap that poisons society, the ans to this stroy would be "who cares" Except that cheating is cheating on the spouse, str8 or gay. We'll know we have reached the "promised land" when the only issue re being gay is their friends and family knowning which gender person to fix them up with if they are single.