Doug Gotterba, Alleged John Travolta Gay Lover, Looking to Pen Tell-All Book?

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The pilot claiming he had a six-year gay affair with John Travolta is negotiating to reveal all the details in an explosive tell-all book, reports say.

Doug Gotterba was John's pilot in the '80s, and according to Doug, his former secretary and Doug's ex-boyfriend, he and the actor were lovers.

The Enquirer reports that Doug already has two writers lined up to help him tell his story, "confirmed his desire" to expose everything he knows.

John Travolta Losing His Hair

"It could be a marriage-ender," an insider told the Enquirer, saying that the book could be career-crushing and devastating to John's wife, Kelly Preston.

"Even though she wasn't married to John at the time, she's already been terribly humiliated by this ugly scandal that doesn't seem to end."

"A book by a man who John carried on with for years could simply be too much."

After all, it follows a month that saw two masseurs come forward to slap John with lawsuits - later dropped - claiming he was sexually aggressive.

Since then, more men have stepped forward claiming much of the same, though the actor vehemently denies all allegations via his attorney.



wholly yikes John Travolta has turned creepy. His wacko psychopathic religious cult is frightening and the dude is unquestionably 100% gay. Not the normal gay like Neil Patrick Harris or Adam Lambert, but the really creepy gay with a wife and kids who hangs around bath houses and public toilets. Why does he even continue to deny it? There's a friggin photo of him kissing a dude next to a plane and another of him in full drag with a blonde wig. Good grief what a sad fall for one of the most accomplished entertainers ever.


Money grabbers? The story of his 6 year affair came from his long-time secretary, not an obscure acquaintance. And I hardly see how a professional pilot fits the description of a money grabber. The money grabber excuse only goes so far. It also doesn't explain the photos of John dressed as a blonde woman and another kissing a man boarding an airplane. John Travolta unquestionably has gay tendencies. He should just stop living a lie and come out of the closet.


I have a really hard time believing these money-grabbers. Why would this guy feel the need to put his junk out into the public except he wants to profit from JT? I think the Travoltas have had enough pain and suffering without crap like this. These leeches are despicable.


Not a career ender but likely a marriage ender, as outrageous infidelity often is in any relationship, Straight Gay Bi or what have you. It is the total disrespect to Kelly that's the main thing. Move on, find someone nice....


I don't care if John is gay or bi , IMO that's not the issue... but what bothers me is the fact that he was misleading and using his family the entire time for his own secret pleasures. He used Kelly and his children as human shields. Now that really pisses me off BIG TIME . IF this is true about him, I hope Kelly divorces him and gets every penny he has (including his airplane) , for herself and mostly the children. The embarrassement and feeling of betrayl has to be devastating to them all and will probably never go away.


Some of the previous comments are extremely offensive! Usually individuals that hate and slam homosexuals have hidden desires of their own. I am a proud Italian man and those of us who know our history can recall several of our greatest roman leaders having homosexual relationships ...Alexander the great, Julius Ceasar etc...It is sad that in 2012 we call someone being true to themselves and the ones they love "disgusting" find something better to bitch about. Nick


My Goodness let this man have his privacy. He is a terrific Actor! He is a great Father. life goes on! Old news geez! Really life is that boring you need to trash talk him and his family!!!! He lost a SON not to long ago! He just had a baby Not to long ago. Leave him alone!!!!! God be with you John I love you as an Actor and a human, I love you like Jesus! These people are so bored with there life they have to find some drama trash talk! God be with you and yours Love Vicky...


wow cant believe John is a dick sucker , thats to bad but now all i can pitcure him in is in pulp fiction remake of him getting it in the ass


Another opinion is that all these people are jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of obtaining lot$ and lot$ of money thru law$uits, interview$, $torie$ and book$.
I think that whatever way JT leans towards, it's his business and not ours or anyone else's to condemn. So what if he might be gay? It doesn't take away from the fact that he is a fabulous actor, husband, father and humanitarian. If his family is happy, who are we to take that away from them.
Life is too darn short to be spending time sticking our noses in someone else's business.
As in the song.... LET IT BE.


I can remember how the media attacked the two faggot massage idiots like they were such creeps and liars. Marty Singer was screaming how vindicated his client was, and now.... THE TRUTH COMES OUT,