Doug Gotterba, Alleged John Travolta Gay Lover, Looking to Pen Tell-All Book?

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The pilot claiming he had a six-year gay affair with John Travolta is negotiating to reveal all the details in an explosive tell-all book, reports say.

Doug Gotterba was John's pilot in the '80s, and according to Doug, his former secretary and Doug's ex-boyfriend, he and the actor were lovers.

The Enquirer reports that Doug already has two writers lined up to help him tell his story, "confirmed his desire" to expose everything he knows.

John Travolta Losing His Hair

"It could be a marriage-ender," an insider told the Enquirer, saying that the book could be career-crushing and devastating to John's wife, Kelly Preston.

"Even though she wasn't married to John at the time, she's already been terribly humiliated by this ugly scandal that doesn't seem to end."

"A book by a man who John carried on with for years could simply be too much."

After all, it follows a month that saw two masseurs come forward to slap John with lawsuits - later dropped - claiming he was sexually aggressive.

Since then, more men have stepped forward claiming much of the same, though the actor vehemently denies all allegations via his attorney.



John Travolta is Bisexual???? What I just heard the rumor and I just want to say gay, straight or bi we love you John and will always look forward to seeing you on the big screen! I wish I had your swagger because its dam HOT!


Who the hell cares if he is or if he isn't .. That is his private affairs.. Shame on all of us!! Let's just stick to watching movies and tv shows and let's stay out of people's private lives. Really does it change anything we do if he is or if he isn't ? Nope! Move on peeps !


Travolta is gay! No doubt in my mind. And, alot of others in superficial hollywood are too. I'd bet Clooney, Pitt, Leo DiCaprio are as gay as they can be. It's too bad they are so ashamed to come out of their little closet.


The bridge is there, what are you waiting for? You seem to know a hell of alot about gays. Hmmmmm......daddy cuddle you too much? Get over it! FU and your punk mouth. Be a good little submissive.


jawny your comment is way creepy. Test yourself for imbecility.


Travolta could end up killing himself over this book gossip. I imagine he's telling his wife the truth at this point. He is obviously bisexual, please let's stop trying to humiliate him.


What is he so ashamed of? Be honest you piece of crap (John)! I felt so bad for you losing a child a while back but you putting your poor wife through this crap is unforgivable.


I hope this is all not true!!! I wouldnt care if he was gay but to lie all these years to ur wife, that is what would make me not want to watch him anymore. I am all for being urself, whatever that is but hurt someone else bcuz u wont live as who u r is what bothers me!!!


The scandal shouldn't be that John is gay. The fact that he is a liar, a fraud and a sexual predator is what bothers me.


Rub a dub dub three scientologist in a tub.old shit.dick should just say he likes drilling for fudge and slurping i few pints of white go juice the knob gobbler owes it too his family so they can get every test in the book.

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