Doug Gotterba, Alleged John Travolta Gay Lover, Looking to Pen Tell-All Book?

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The pilot claiming he had a six-year gay affair with John Travolta is negotiating to reveal all the details in an explosive tell-all book, reports say.

Doug Gotterba was John's pilot in the '80s, and according to Doug, his former secretary and Doug's ex-boyfriend, he and the actor were lovers.

The Enquirer reports that Doug already has two writers lined up to help him tell his story, "confirmed his desire" to expose everything he knows.

John Travolta Losing His Hair

"It could be a marriage-ender," an insider told the Enquirer, saying that the book could be career-crushing and devastating to John's wife, Kelly Preston.

"Even though she wasn't married to John at the time, she's already been terribly humiliated by this ugly scandal that doesn't seem to end."

"A book by a man who John carried on with for years could simply be too much."

After all, it follows a month that saw two masseurs come forward to slap John with lawsuits - later dropped - claiming he was sexually aggressive.

Since then, more men have stepped forward claiming much of the same, though the actor vehemently denies all allegations via his attorney.



May god bring peace to his life. To those mentioning his son!!! shame on all of you, how dare you bring that poor kid up... really grow up get a life!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lesbian kid!!! so what, to each is own. hey John do and say what you think is right. God Bless.


Knew Doug around an airport in San Jose in the early 1980's (very nice guy), and it was common knowledge then that he and Travolta were involved together. Wish each of them the best.


Hey, Doug. Forget telling "all" about Travolta. We're not interested. Why don't you expose Scientology instead, and how it forced him into the closet?


Listen you all. There is nothing wrong with any of those actors being gay, bi or whatever they have chosen to be. They are not using any of you to get what they want. It's their body and they can do whatever wants to do with it. Stop being so negative and hateful. It will never change the circumstances of who they are. So save your breath and be nice for once. I for one, couldn't care if he sells his body on the street corner. He is mature and he dose not need approval from any of us to do what he likes to do. Don't slander people and going after cloony, pitt or whomever. You can be sued for libel.


For the innocent kids' sake and his wife, I hope it has not been a case of fake it to make it. If it is true, then it was a performance no one knew they were buying until the money was already in his bank. He could retire if he wanted to now. An act of this magnitude "offstage" seems to happen often nowadays.


Sick? What's truly sick are the comments left by the ignorant homophobes on here. So what if he's gay or bi or whatever? And a special needs son doesn't happen when "queers reproduce". Geesh. The guy was probably afraid of losing his career, and family, because of sexually insecure idiots.


My friends boyfriend was hit on by John travolta in the 90's. He told us the story. We didn't believe him then but we do now.
For sure gay.


Its sick!! If he is queer then he deserves to lose everything. What happen to real men. This world is going to hell fast.


This is nothing new. Everybody has known that little Johnny loves to puff on peckers. Wasn't his son retarded? I guess that's what happens when queers reproduce.


The only way I'd believe this guy is if he had some sort of photo evidence. And I wouldn't buy it if he claimed to have "gotten rid of it all due to moving on/getting over, etc...because who the heck gets rid of cuddle pictures with a major celeb? It's not like breaking up with Dan the busboy. As for Travolta, while I am positive Cruise is gay (probably had his ingenue wives picked out for him by that cult he follows), I don't know about Travolta and Preston's marriage. If they met when he was still on top of his game and such, I could see it as a financial/arranged deal. However, she's dated some "heavy hitters" back in the day and still married Travolta after they met on a low budget, forgettable movie in the 80's.