Dottie Sandusky Testifies at Husband's Child Sex Abuse Trial

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Dottie Sandusky, whose disgraced husband Jerry Sandusky is accused of 52 felony counts of child sex abuse, took the stand in his trial Tuesday afternoon.

Dottie Sandusky has stood by her husband, posting his bail, accompanying him to court and issuing a statement last year that proclaimed his innocence.

Whether her remarks will change the direction of the case is an open question, but her testimony, at least early on, focused on how she and Jerry met.

One witness has testified that he was attacked the Sanduskys' basement and tried to cry out for help when Dottie was upstairs, only to be ignored.

Dottie, who is not charged with any crimes, says all the accusers are lying.

Also Tuesday, Sandusky's attorney closely questioned two Pennsylvania state police investigators about whether they coached Jerry Sandusky accusers.

One of the troopers, Cpl. Joseph Leiter, now retired, acknowledged to lawyer Joe Amendola that he told at least one alleged victim of the former Penn State coach that they "wouldn't be alone" if they came forward because "there were others."

Sandusky is accused of molesting 10 children over a 15-year period.


I can only hope Jerry and Dottie rest in HELL!!!!


Ok let's put ourselves in her position. When you are married to someone for all those years you have something called TRUST. Don't place his mistakes on his better half. I'm sure she wasn't looking for evidence that her husband is a child molester.


WOW ....... dottie Great Timing He Wouldve Raped Half Of The World Waitin On U To Say Something Smh I Hope She Rots To Shes A Accesory She Knew He Was Doing It....


DENIAL. Probably easier than the embarrassment and feelings of shame and betrayal she could be feeling. Let's just live in La La Land and deny it ever happened. In fact, let's blame the alleged victims instead!


I bet Sandusky was abusive to her early in the marriage. He probably beat all logic and curiosity out of her and turned her into a dead unquestioning fish. Girls, if your man is even emotionally abusive, ran. He could be a Sandusky.


May Dottie rot in hell along with him.......pathetic!


I just can't believe that this woman was in the same house, & claims to have not heard anything! She never wondered about her husband bringing home all these young boys & spending so much time in the basement? BULL!

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