Dee Jay Daniels Arrested For Murder, Gang Activity

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Former child actor Dee Jay Daniels, who starred on the 1990s sitcom The Hughleys, is being held in a California jail on murder and gang activity charges.

Daniels was arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing.

The 23-year-old actor, whose real name is Dorjan Lyndell Daniels, is being held without bail in San Joaquin County Jail and is suspected in the crime.

He is accused of being a member of the Bloods gang.

Dee Jay Daniels Mug Shot

He and two other men allegedly stabbed 26-year-old John Joseph outside a nightclub in Stockton, Calif., in August 2011, but were only now arrested.

Dee Jay Daniels faces charges of street terrorism, premeditated murder and attempted premeditated murder, and faces life in prison if he is convicted.

He played the youngest child on The Hughleys, which aired from 1998 to 2002, and also appeared on Coach, Grace Under Fire and Cold Case.

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Dang, this crazy i remember playing football with dude in the 90's


he is fine tho


According to some of the comments if this guy wasn't "handsome" this story wouldn't be as tragic for the victim or the accused. Some people are so shallow, stupid and don't know what really matters in life. Sad.


HANDSOME!....Really? You have desperate women connecting and marrying prisoners because their (handsome); These prisoners could be murderers, gang bangers, or even molesters; so it does not surprise me that some of these women would comment on his looks first; It takes a heartless person to stab a man to death; now I'm not saying he's guilty, because after all, there were two other men with him, and the media does not mention their role in the stabbing death of JJ; but I do feel that when Dee Jay got up that morning, he could have made a better choice, after all, he did have a prior acting career; He could've worked harder and pursue his acting career, decided to go to college, and be a better role model, instead of deciding to be in a gang. He definitely had a foot in the door on in his career than our everyday kids out here, and he through it away.


This is sad on both side but what hurt is five lives is gone and all people can do wish bad on them sad. When we as a race get it right and love and protect each other. Cuzz, blood to the wit them all the shit is stupid and people stop using the N word plz. And for the ones that is JJ friends if it was the other way y'all wouldn't be saying shit.


He has not only now been arrested he was arrested in August 6 2011 the day he killed my friend. he has been in San Joaquin county jail for almost a year now awaiting trial! Justice will be served...we love & miss u dearly JJ!! U are forever in our hearts!! This coward and his 2 friends that killed JJ will get what he deserves!


Clearly... That guy with the dumb comment has zero education.....dumb ass!!!!! Haha...


The ignorant specie that used the "N" word.. do you feel better now that you found a reason to use that word...... Plenty of other people have committed similar crimes. You are ignorant and an embarrassment to the human race. But don't worry, you'll get yours... Karma always does It's job. ;)


Lazy journalism is the only thing I have against bloggers. If you do a teeny tiny bit of research you would find an error in your story. Those young men were arrested in connection with this crime nearly a year ago. The wheels of justice are turning, however slowly that may be.


Why in hell does everybody keep saying that he's handsome? That's absolutely irrelevant!! He turned into a gangbanger, and, now, he's a suspected murderer. If he did it, fry his ass. I hope he has a good lawyer.