David Stern to Jim Rome: You Still Beat Your Wife?

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NBA Commissioner David Stern gave a surprising response to sports radio host Jim Rome's question about the NBA Draft lottery being rigged Wednesday.

When Rome, who acknowledged it was a conspiracy theory from the get-go, asked if the fix was in for New Orleans to get the #1 pick, Stern replied:

"Uh, you know, I have two answers for that. I'll give you the easy one - no - and a statement: Shame on you for asking." That's it, right? Wrong.

When Rome pressed on, Stern bristled, asking him, "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" Thrown off, Rome said, "Yeah, I don't know if that's fair."

"I just don't know that that's fair."

Stern, of course, wasn't actually asking if Rome stopped beating his wife.

He was evoking a rhetorical move of sorts, intended to put an opponent in an untenable position and to prove a point about Rome's inquiry.

If Jim Rome responds yes or no (he did neither) ... he's saying that he's been beating on his wife. You incriminate yourself just by participating.

The point Stern was making, it appears, is that in order for him to respond to Rome at all, he must acknowledge that the leagues has rigged lotteries.

Fair enough ... but was it really necessary to evoke domestic violence during a sports radio interview? Also, there is a way to answer Rome's question.

Stern did moments earlier. It ended with "Shame on you for asking."


Stern should have asked Rome if he had stopped beating his wife like Jim Everett beat him.


We used to do the same thing in middle school when we were teasing someone, except the line we used was "Do your parents know you're gay"? Same trick, though.


The comments here are interesting. Hilton hater would have responded by now to the two people to call you out. Hmmmmm.....silence can be your enemy dear. Now @allsaints, I see you found the cap lock key and have stopped shouting. So an abortion and now you enjoy beatings. Submissive. Remember the safewords and keep it in your playroom girl. Master should have gagged you indefinitely.


Every guy that slaps his wife, isn't always a vicious person. Some wives ask for it, by pressing the buttons, spending a lot of the breadwinner's money without permission, flirting, or cheating, nagging, etc.


Any time anyone gets one over on the press this is what happens. Rome deserved the question. Rome asked a similar stumper and was babbling about for an answer. So Jim have you stopped beating your wife?
You want to prove there is some rigging to the lottery. I would say you would do much better ending the lottery and doing what other Pro Teams do. The worse team gets the first pick. The lottery does little help the bad teams and adds nothing to fan excitement. How many NBA bottom dweller got the last pick from the lottery. I am sure those teams took a bit longer to get out of the cellar.
That should be the question to eliminate the lottery. I have never had any faith in the NBA lottery. I do believe a lot more NBA Fans have the same opinion.