David Helmer, U.S. Deserter, Found After 28 Years AWOL From Air Force

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David Hemler, a U.S. Air Force deserter who has lived secretly in Sweden since 1984, has revealed his identity and contacted his family in America.


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    He remindes me of Dr. Baltar in Battlestar Galactica television series =)


    Shoot him


    Why does your headline read that he was "found" after 28 years? He wasn't "found" by any means- he gave himself up voluntarily. If he hadn't stepped forward, the USAF would have no clue where this guy was living.

    There are a lot of other stories running the same misleading headline, that he was "found" after 28 years- is this some sort of media manipulation to make the public think that those who desert will be hounded until death or capture? If this guy was able to disappear for over a quarter of a century- and be found only when he WANTED to revealed himself- one has to wonder how many others are out there who have shed the uniform for whatever reason.


    Dishonor is all he deserves and to be punished for deserting from the military. Leave him alone my ass! That is the worst criminal a coward and created a new family at that.. Disgrace.


    Hell leave him alone-We have a Pres that wasnt born here and nobody is doing nothing bout that n he has high security clearn


    I would like to see the age enhanced photo. Also I believe that he is in a country that does not extradite. Leave him where he is and let his guilt be his punishment when family members pass on and he is not able to come back to attend a funeral!


    He was with the 6913th Electronic Security Squadron in Augsburg, Germany.

    In order to be in this squadron, he would need a high security clearance. He had help from someone to end up where he did and stay hidden for so many years. He left during the cold war, perhaps East Germany or the former Soviet Union was helping him?


    Leave Him The Fuck Alone


    If he was in the top 8 wanted fugitives and all those agencies were looking for him, i dont think hes just a kid that went AWOL. Theres more to this story.


    I was alive but too young to remember this. Would like to hear someone elses opinion that remembers this better.

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