Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner: Officially Back Together!

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Updating a previous report in which Crystal Harris was rumored to have moved back into the Playboy Mansion, the model herself confirms it is in fact the case.

She's not just living there, either. She and Hugh Hefner are a couple again!

"Yes @hughhefner and I are back together. Yes I am his #1 girl again. Yes we are happy. Hope that clears up any confusion! xoxo," Harris tweeted on Friday.

Guess Hugh is as forgiving as he is affable, friendly and rich. What a guy!

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Picture

"It's Mary O'Conner that brought Crystal Harris back," Hef Tweeted. "Crystal was miserable & said so. Mary told Crystal to write & tell me, which she did."

And though you might be stunned to see Hefner take back a woman who essentially left him standing at the altar last year, Harris was always "the one."

"He loved Crystal more than he had loved any woman in a very long time, that's why he was willing to marry her," said a close Hefner source.

"There were so many women he couldn't properly commit to ... she had a hold on him he has never been able to shake. So it's of no surprise to me that he would get close to her again. He can't help himself. He has a deep connection to her."

So does this mean there might be another attempted marriage? It's unclear ... as is how Shera Bechard will respond to her demotion to backup status.

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Doesnt shock me seeing as the other two ( shera and anna) are just awful to look at. Plus Crystal doesnt have a chance in music, no talent just eye candy.


She is only back with him because he aint go long left and she will get everything, he was better off with holly she truely loved him and I think she will always love him, crystal is a slag and a gold digger she is only with him for the money the only gf he had that was not with hi for the money was holly bridget and kendra


That wrinkled-up shriveled-up HEFNER PROBABLY NEEDS A DOZEN VIAGRA to even wake up his you-know-what, not to mention GET-IT-UP!!!


We need to give Crystal some credit. Hef looks like he died a while back so can anyone imagine what it must be like to be with him in bed - YUK.


Crystal Harris is nothing but a gold digger. This is plain as day. Hugh Hefner is obviously too senile and on the verge of Parkinson's to see that. What would a young attractive woman want with an old man who, like practically every single person who has commented on this story, has a shriveled up bag? Ewwwwww.... That's just gross. She went out to date someone else after she left him, but seeing now she has no money and is a worthless piece of shit, she had no choice but to run back. One word of wisdom to Hefner - PRENUP!!!!


She went back to him because she loves and misses him? Please! Does she really think we all forgot how she cowardly snuck out of the mansion, kept the ring and the cars, and then bashed him saying they never even had sex??? I get that she would run back to him since her funds have run out, but why would Mary let him go back to that tramp? Crystal is WHITE TRASH. He should go back to Holly and Bridget...they may be a little older and chubby, but at least they actually cared about him!


heffs scouts are still waiting to see if pujols will be spreading some money around looking for his own playboy mansion babes


hugh hefners scouts are still waiting to see if pujols will be spreading any money around looking for some hot playboy mansion babes of his own


The only reason I can give for this ridiculous act on Hef's part is that he's senile and forgot what really happen between them.


Typical dumb ass screw-anything-for-$-whore-white-women....she ran out of money so she's sucking up to (see:sucking off)grandpa pimp.