Courtney Robertson Bikini Photos: Modeling! Winning!

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The Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson is back doing what she does best.

No, not saying "winning" and making catty comments that leave anyone with a vagina hating her after. She's just rocking a bikini on the beach. NBD!

When you DO MODELING for a living, frolicking in the sand and surf in Malibu is just another day at the office. Such is life for the fiancee of Ben Flajnik:

Courtney Robertson Bikini Photo

The Season 16 winner, who is still together with Ben, showed off a diamond engagement ring as she posed totally naturally, enjoying her day in the sun.

When she wasn't trying to look seductive and showing off her figure, Courtney Robertson was seen diving into the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Is anyone not reading that thing these days?

Courtney did not reveal who she wants to play Ana and Christian, or any Bachelorette spoilers, though she did reveal her toned posterior at various angles.

Click to enlarge, and (maybe?) enjoy:

  • Courtney Robertson Bikini
  • Courtney Robertson Bikini Picture
  • Courtney Robertson Bikini Pic

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Your hot


Well Courtney, I am sure I will be down taking more of him thuooghrut the next few months. I have some cool Ideas that I want to try. Plus I am not 100% happy with the fighter pilot helmet and oxygen mask ones, so I may want to re-do those. Thanks Suzi!


ugliest cunt goen


somebody get her a burger


There's no denying it...this girl has a GREAT body!


Courtney, if you ever get sick of Hollywood? come up to Stockton, You'll be more than welcome, baby!!


Courtney, if you ever get sick of Hollywood? come up to Stockton, You'll be more than welcome, baby!!