Coca-Cola Security Camera Ad: Look at Life a Little Differently

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While surveillance tapes are best known for catching burglaries, brawls, car crashes and signs of the coming zombie apocalypse, there's a lot of stuff you don't see.

A Coca-Cola ad released last week encourages us to look at life differently by showing wonderfully positive, uplifting moments captured on security cameras.

Set to the Supertramp song "Give A Little Bit," the ad features footage showing people kissing, dancing, helping the homeless, saving others and much more.

Take a look below ... and your faith in humanity may be restored:

“We want to remind people that acts of kindness and bravery are taking place around them all the time,” said a representative from Coca-Cola about the ad.

Mission accomplished ... even if not everyone is a fan of the marketing tactic used by the beverage corporation. In the words of one commenter on YouTube:

"I thought this video was about how good the world is ... until I realize [it's] just Coke using viral videos to market themselves and make more money."

Maybe so, but those are still some sweet clips.

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