Cissy Houston: Cashing In on Daughter's Death?

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Cissy Houston has remained mostly quiet since the February death of her daughter, but it was announced earlier this month that the mother of Whitney Houston will be releasing a memoir about her child's life in early 2013.

Whitney on Stage

And this book deal with HarperCollins is now raising a number of questions, most notably: is Cissy simply looking to cash in? To exploit the nationwide grief over Whitney's passing?

After all, Houston left a majority of her fortune to 18-year old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

"She will try to come out looking like the world's greatest mom, when in actuality, she wasn't," a Whitney family insider tells TMZ.

What do you think? Is Cissy Houston simply seeking to profit from her daughter's death?



Ask anyone w/ a grain of good sense and they would tell you that writing is cathartic and helps to help.

Avatar Whitney Houston, arguably the greatest 'effing' singer of all time, has suddenly died. And Mrs. Cissy Houston. Whitney Houston's elderly mother. who is a also singer. and had professional career as a singer. And who also has been publicly and warmly recognized and revered by her daughter Whitney Houston many times over the years...Mrs. Cissy Houston. this grieving mother who 'funeralized' her very famous daughter in a most humble and dignified fashion. Is now trying to cash in. Yeah...NO. Actually, the people responsible for this article and others like them are cashing in.


Why would Cissy wanna cash in on her daughter when Cissy is a famous singer in her own right?! Leave that woman alone and let her grieve!


IThink she had the best voice at her peak.She sounded out of this world and she never sang black by yelling.


JoeJ tries but he dont get shit.He lives n henderson NV at house janet bought.Hes lucky she did that.


Writing is a healthy way to grieve. I am very glad that Mrs. Houston has chosen to write a book. I will buy it without reservation.


If everyone else around Whitney is cashing in: why not Whitney's mother?


If she doesn't do it. Someone else will. Maybe she just wants to get her thoughts out. I'm sure she loved and still loves her daughter very much.


she should hook up with joe jackson they could be the perfect couple dead kid exploiters in live.

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