Chris Rock CRUSHES Chris Brown on Today Show

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Chris Rock absolutely roasted Chris Brown on the Today Show Thursday in an off-the-cuff bit that left Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Elmo at a loss for words.

As Matt was coming back from commercial, he referenced the lovely New York City weather, which he hopes holds up for Brown's concert Friday.

"We're hoping the same kind of weather hits us tomorrow when we've got Chris Brown out on the plaza," said Lauer. And then this happened:

Rock, of course, never lets a good domestic violence joke go to waste.

"Did you say you hope the same weather HITS you? I hope some weather doesn't SMACK us upside the head," the comedian joked, making an obvious reference to Chris Brown's signature career achievement, beating the heck out of Rihanna.

The entire Today crew couldn't contain their laughter, which is especially funny when you consider that Brown is performing on the show tomorrow.

Sorry, Team Breezy, but there's just no defending your man anymore.

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As a comic, I've found Chris Rock rather acerbic. I think the reference to Chris Brown is getting rather old. Most abusers are habitual...yet I've not ever read he did this to any other woman. So, he's certainly not of the norm regarding this issue. Drop it!


Bet you big bucks that Chris Brown cancels now. What a mean whiny brat.


@thatruth5 thanks :)


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